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Attention all caregivers in the counties of Montrose, Delta, Gunnison, Ouray and Hinsdale and San Miguel!  Mark the date Tuesday, May 13, 2014 on your calendar.  Region 10 and The Area Agency on Aging has set aside that entire day to honor and support caregivers in this area. Eva Veitch, Community Service Director/Lead Ombudsman for Region 10, said. “We want to use this day as an opportunity to inform people of the help available and acknowledge the great task these people have taken on.  We want to recognize and support them.  We hope this day will help them develop new friendships and a network of people in similar situations.”

The Caregivers Summit is a day set aside just for your enjoyment and education.  In addition to two keynote speaker, there will be several breakout sessions.  A sampling of topics to be covered is resources, taking care of you and dealing with the aftermath of care giving.  There will also be a variety of vendors present to assist you in learning more about services and devices you might find helpful.  There will be something for everyone to enjoy.  Door prizes will be given away at random times throughout the day and you will receive things to take home.  You will leave with a detailed packet of valuable information as well as a “goodie bag” filled with nice surprises.  A sit down lunch and all snacks for the day will be provided.

Thanks to Eva Veitch, Community Living Services Director/Lead Ombudsman for Region 10 great care has been taken to plan this event.  Veitch has been with Region 10 for one year.  Veitch saw the need and stepped forward to bring this special event to life. Veitch said, “A year ago I began to see the need for caregiver support.  We started receiving more and more calls about the need for respite care and resources.   From my perspective caregivers do not know where the resources are.  The whole crux of our program is to provide services that will enable people to stay in their homes as long as possible.  We hope this is the first of what will become an annual event.  We want to get the word out that help is available.”

Veitch invited Amy Rowan, Kim Schmidt, Barbara Ward, Tai Blair, Jayne Sorenson, Cory, Brenda White, Danielle McCarthy, Laurie Frasier, Claudette Nicolas, Jane Dupree, Anne Johnston and Pam McGhee to serve on the committee. Each member brings with them their expertise and experience of working in the healthcare field in various capacities.  They bring with them many years of working with the elderly and people with special needs.  Most of all, the group brings with them the love and concerns of helping those in need.

The event will take place in Montrose at Grace Community Church located at 16731 Woodgate Road. This day will honor you, give you an opportunity to relax, connect with others, gain new information and learn better ways to take care of yourself. One dilemma caregivers often encountered is, “Well, I’d love to go but what do I do about my loved one?” Thanks to the committee who organized this event that concern was immediately addressed. Bring your loved one with you for their day of fun for an onsite retreat. They will be cared for by qualified staff in our Pamper Room. They will be served lunch and provided snacks throughout the day. Entertainment and fun activities are scheduled for them. Activity directors who specialize in working with special needs will be on hand to instruct and help them with activities. There will be CNA’s and nurses also there to help.  While you are busy attending the Summit your loved one will be in a safe environment on the premises so that you can sit back and enjoy your day.  Veitch said, “We not only want to free up the caregivers but to give their loved ones a day of fun and socialization,

You cannot afford to miss this opportunity. All the details have been covered to make certain you have a fun day and go away feeling refreshed and appreciated.  Come enjoy a day designed around you and your needs. There is a modest $5 registration fee.  Call 970/249-2436 for more information about registering for The Caregivers Summit.  You will be glad you did! This one is for you!

– Barbara Ward


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