My two cents by AlexY
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My First two cents
by AlexY
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Just  like what the title describe, all the post that will be here is about my take on anything and everything under the sun. But I won't start in this first post, rather I would explain why I'm doing it.

I noticed when I was writing my college paper that there is an abundance of topic to choose from if it is about anything or everything under the sun, from the increasing turmoils happening to the middle east, the tradegy that strucked japan, or the economic problems here on our own country, and that is not even half of what could talked about when the topic is anything goes. Just like my friend, who's favorite past time is writing college papers for other "less gifted" students, always says. You don't have to think about what your going to write, as long as the topic says "anything goes"

So on my next post, I'll start to give you my "two cents", that is if you want it.

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