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Read Exactly What Colorado Candidates Are Saying and Then You Decide.
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by GusJarvis
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As the Huffington Post reports, a new poll released today shows that in Colorado's United States Senate race Romanoff has picked up 5% against Jane Norton and Bennet has lost 2%.  Bennet now trails Norton by 14% while Romanoff has closed to be within 7% - the momentum is all on Andrew's side. (Rasmussen Poll)


It is sort of a Massachusetts moment.  Andrew's message of working for people and not wealthy special interests is exactly what is needed to win this election in November.  It is also what a country sick of Washington's catering to corporate power, wants.  

Last night Andrew hit a home run speaking to the Denver Dems.  In the words of the Cherry Creek News:  

"If it were up to the party regulars in Denver, Andrew Romanoff would be the next United States Senator from Colorado. In a rousing seven minute speech before the party's workers, he struck a tone of populist outrage and everyman concern that earned him a standing ovation."  See entire article.



Andrew also asked the members of the Denver Central Committee for help.  "It takes a lot of little money to get big money out of politics."



Please contribute today and ask your friends and family to help as well.  

A candidate alone can not make Washington start working for ordinary people instead of insurance, oil companies and banks.  But together, we can make this happen.  

We can't sit this one out.  There is too much at stake.  Our jobs, our health, our planet.  This is a moment where the entire Washington, you-come-to-my-fundraiser-and-I-will-vote-for-your-bill establishment, is at a tipping point.  We can be the ones to push it over.




Ken Gordon


P.S. Don't forget to visit to make your contribution or sign up to volunteer today.


--Submitted to The Watch by

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by GusJarvis
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(SPRINGFIELD) – Former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton has grown her lead over appointed Senator Michael Bennet to 14 percentage points, 51% to 37%, according to Rasmussen Reports. The numbers mark the first time a candidate has polled above 50 percent, as Norton added two points to her 12-point January lead. The poll of 500 likely voters was conducted on February 2, and continues a trend in which Norton’s lead over Governor Ritter’s Senator has grown from 9 to 15 points since December.

“This poll reflects exactly what I’m seeing as I travel around this great state,” commented Norton from a campaign stop in Baca County, where she is meeting with local voters. “People want a Senator who will stand up for Colorado values, not an ideologue to rubber-stamp the President’s Big Government policies.”

Norton also grew her lead among independent voters, now at 13 percentage points.

“I’m telling Coloradans I’ll stand up to fight the out-of-control spending, the special interests, and the ever-growing deficits,” continued Norton. “Coloradans are telling the pollsters that’s exactly the kind of Senator we need.”

The poll shows only 17 percent of Coloradans believe government spending is a better way to create jobs than cutting taxes. Senator Bennet recently voted to increase the national debt ceiling by a record $1.9 trillion, and has been a vocal supporter of the $862 billion “stimulus” bill, as well as the $871 billion healthcare takeover.

According to the poll, 53 percent of Coloradans disapprove of President Obama, who will make a cameo in Colorado on February 18th to stump for Bennet.

Per a 2008 study by Fordham University, Rasmussen Reports was the most accurate pollster during the 2008 election cycle. Rasmussen projected a 2008 Obama win by a 52-46 margin. Obama won 53-46. For more information on the Colorado Senate poll, please click here.

--Submitted to The Watch by Jane Norton for Colorado

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by GusJarvis
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DENVER – Following news reports this morning that Republicans are seeking to raise money from Wall Street and the banking lobby using the pitch that they will stymie financial regulatory reform and protect banks from the type of oversight that could prevent another financial collapse, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak released the following statement:


"The GOP is again putting the interests of Wall Street over the needs of Main Street in this latest appeal to Wall Street for campaign contributions in exchange for a Republican promise to stop financial reform. Congressional Republicans never cease to amaze in reaching new lows.


“By essentially offering a quid pro quo to Wall Street bankers, Republicans have shown that their interest is not in helping everyday Americans get back on their feet and ensure that those responsible for the latest financial crisis are held responsible.  Instead, Republicans are showing that they are willing to sell themselves to the highest bidder for political and economic gains.  Sadly, this is not the only instance of Republicans putting their interest before the American people.  Republicans have time and time again made overtures to the same individuals who nearly drove our economy over a cliff.  In December Republicans met in the cover of darkness with 100 banking lobbyist to figure the best way to block financial regulatory reform.


“However, Coloradans are working hard to rebuild and provide for their families after the reckless policies of the last eight years and the reckless behavior in the financial industry - cheered on by a Republican Congress and the Bush Administration.  While President Obama and Colorado Democrats are fighting to clean-up the mess they inherited, Republicans are joining the very same people who created the worst economy in 70 years.  Coloradans and the American people have every right to disgusted and appalled by Republicans behavior.”


--Submitted to The Watch by the Colorado Democratic Party

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by GusJarvis
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Will Jane Norton, Ken Buck, Or Tom Wiens Pay Homage To Grassroots Conservatives?


Colorado Republicans Scrambling To Out-Conservative Each Other

As the first annual Tea Party national convention opens in Nashville, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is wondering if any of the Colorado Republican Senate candidates will show up and pay homage to the grassroots conservative group?  Jane Norton, Ken Buck and Tom Wiens are locked in a tight primary and have been scrambling to out-conservative each other.  The far-right, out of the mainstream activists who will be attending the Tea Party convention would be the perfect group for these candidates to court as they duke it out in the primary.          


“The Republican candidates running for Senate in Colorado have been racing to the right as they court the base in what is turning out to be a contentious and bitter primary battle,” said Deirdre Murphy, DSCC National Press Secretary. “With the national Tea Party convention opening today in Nashville, a golden opportunity has presented itself to these candidates.  Not only can they court the far-right base, but they can ask for Sarah Palin’s endorsement.  With so much to gain, will any of the Republicans running for Senate in Colorado show up?”


The first annual Tea Party national convention opens today in Nashville and runs through the weekend.  Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker at the convention and  is set to reportedly receive a $100,000 speaker’s fee.  If any of the Colorado Republicans have the courage to attend the Tea Party convention, they could ask Palin for her endorsement, which would go a long way in shoring up support among conservatives in Colorado.


---Submitted to The Watch by the Democratic Senatorial Camaign Committee  

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by GusJarvis
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Republican Candidate Puts 3rd District In Play  

Grand Junction, CO – Today, the Tipton for Congress campaigned released polling showing Scott Tipton in a virtual tie with incumbent Congressman John Salazar.

Tipton, a small business owner and respected public servant, ensures the 3rd Congressional District of Colorado will be a significant pick-up opportunity for Republicans this fall.   

Furthermore, the polling demonstrates that the public’s view of Democrats continues to deteriorate with less than a third of voters stating they would support a Democrat candidate for Congress.

In response to the polling, Scott Tipton stated:

“I am extremely pleased to see that we are already within the margin of error with John Salazar.  Our campaign has received and incredible amount of support already throughout the 3rd Congressional District and we only have room to grow.  I truly believe Coloradans realize the John Salazar only represents the special-interest groups in Washington and not the people from this district.  To get this country back on track we need to control spending, let the private sector create jobs and keep the government out of the doctor’s office.  We need to bring conservative values and Colorado common sense back to Washington.”

Scott Tipton has been a small business owner for the past 30 years, with firsthand experience creating jobs, meeting a payroll and balancing a budget.  It was through his business that Scott met his wife of 26 years, Jean, who is a former school teacher. The Tipton’s have two daughters, Liesl and Elizabeth. A respected public servant in the Colorado House of Representatives, Scott is fighting to create jobs, improve public safety, protect our children and create a better quality of life for Coloradans.    


Q: If the general election for Congress were held today and you had to make a choice, for whom would you vote - Scott Tipton, the Republican, or John Salazar, the Democrat?

 Scott Tipton


 John Salazar




Q: If the election for Congress were being held today, and you had to make a choice, would you be voting for the Republican candidate or the Democrat candidate – in your district?







The Tarrance Group survey was conducted on December 8-9, 2009 among 300 registered “likely” voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District with a margin of error of 5.8% and an oversample of 100 “likely” Republican primary voters. 

--Submitted to The Watch by

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Vote for Andrew Romanoff in the "Be the Change" Poll
by GusJarvis
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Hello everyone!


On February 13th, Andrew will be participating in a forum sponsored by Be The Change. On their website (, they have a poll asking who they should endorse. Vote in the poll today and let them know they should endorse Andrew Romanoff for the United States Senate. After you vote, forward this email to your friends and post the info on Facebook and Twitter. Let's spread the word and get out the vote!

P.S. There are only 40 days until Caucus nigh 


--Submitted to The Watch by Romanoff for Colorado


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Republican Plan: Cut State Bureaucracy, Not Business Tax Hikes
by GusJarvis
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Republicans in the Colorado Senate today unveiled a proposal to reduce government spending as an alternative to the Democrats’ plan to raise taxes on the businesses and citizens of Colorado.


“Democrats keep saying that in order to balance the budget ‘everything is on the table,’” said Sen. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud.  “Republicans want to make sure that a reduction in government spending is on the table and thoroughly debated before we raise taxes.”

The GOP proposal includes a 0.25 percent reduction in state payroll spending for the current fiscal year, and a 4.4 percent reduction for next fiscal year.  If the state government made these small sacrifices it would eliminate the need for a laundry list of Democrat proposed taxes on everything from soda pop, to napkins, fertilizer and Internet sales.

“The spending reductions we are asking for are less drastic than to the 5 percent across the board cuts asked for by Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer or the thousands of layoffs asked for by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick,” said Sen. Ted Harvey, R-Highlands.

 “Both those guys are Democrats, and they realize the need to reduce the size and scope of government during these tough times.”  

The Republican plan would require Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter to cut the state’s $3.2 billion state payroll budget by $19 million for the current fiscal year.  The savings would be found through the elimination of non-essential or unfilled government jobs and through salary reductions to state employees primarily making more than $100,000 a year.

For next fiscal year, the GOP plan would require an across the board spending cut of approximately 4.4 percent.  First priority would be given to eliminating non-essential or unfilled government jobs and through salary reductions to employees primarily making over $100,000 a year.  This would also allow the state to restore the senior homestead exemption and vendor fee.

“This is a chance for the Democrats to recognize the changing mood of America,” said Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, R-Grand Junction.  “By cutting budgets one quarter of a percent this year and just over 4 percent next year, we can stave off job-killing, recovery-slowing tax increases.  This one's an economic no-brainer.”

The spending reductions will save $14 million in the current year and $290 million in the next year, eliminating the need for Democrat proposals to increase taxes by those same amounts.  

Teachers would not be subject to pay cuts or firings under the bill.

--Submitted to The Watch by Rachel Boxer 
Senate, Minority Press Secretary

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by GusJarvis
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"This is not an election for class clown, it is an election for Governor of Colorado"


GREENWOOD VILLAGE – As the Colorado General Assembly continues to debate a $130 million tax increase proposal by Governor Bill Ritter, Colorado Republicans again called on Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper to declare his support or opposition.


"Mayor 'Hickenritter' is a formally announced candidate for governor but is nowhere to be found on the Ritter tax increase proposals being debated in the State Capitol this week," said Colorado Republican State Chairman Dick Wadhams.  "How can the presumed Democratic nominee for governor not take a position on Ritter's tax increase schemes?"


Hickenlooper earlier said that the Ritter plan to raise taxes on small businesses was not a tax increase even though they would be paying higher taxes.  Since then, there has been no public comment by the Mayor of Denver on the Ritter tax increases being debated in the state legislature.


"Mayor 'Hickenritter' will have to do more than jump out of airplanes and ride his scooter plugging parking meters in his campaign for governor," said Wadhams.  "This is not an election for class clown, it is an election for governor of Colorado and Mayor 'Hickenritter' ought to take this election seriously enough to tell Colorado voters where he really stands on the Ritter tax increases."


--Submitted to The Watch by the Colorado Republican Committee

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ProgressNow Colorado Launches "McLobbyist Makeover Kits"
by GusJarvis
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New website offers "McInnis-style reinvention"

DENVER: ProgressNow Colorado, the state's largest online progressive advocacy organization, launched a new website and statewide new media advertising campaign for "McLobbyist Makeover," in response to recent attempts by former Congressman Scott McInnis to reinvent his public image.

"Scott 'McLobbyist' McInnis often feels the need to completely remake himself inside and out, depending on who he is pandering to," said ProgressNow Colorado Executive Director Bobby Clark. "From flip-flopping on a woman's right to choose to falsely casting himself as 'the country's biggest Tea Party candidate' on FOX News, McInnis has never seemed quite comfortable in his own skin."

In December, McInnis paid nearly $500 for the services of an 'image consultant,' who advised McInnis make drastic changes to his personal appearance (Denver Post, 2/1/2010). That is substantially more than presidential candidates John Edwards or Mitt Romney famously spent on their 'image makeovers,' and both of them were widely lampooned in the media. Earlier last fall McInnis launched a makeover campaign on the issues as well, with the help of extremist politicians like Tom Tancredo, in order to better appeal to his party's ultra-conservative "Tea Party" base (Denver Post, 11/19/2009).

Among other things, McInnis claims he is now "100% pro-life" despite having formerly chaired a Republican Party organization dedicated to protecting reproductive rights.

"If it seems like Scott McInnis is constantly changing his colors, it's because he is," said Clark. "Our goal in launching is to 'highlight,' if you will, McInnis' shifting image."

"McLobbyist Makeover" will collect names of those interested in ordering "McLobbyist Makeover Kits," which will be available later this year. Also under development is an 'interactive' McLobbyist, which site visitors will be able to use to preview different "McLobbyist Makeovers," and find the perfect combination for their tastes.

"It's possible more Colorado citizens will prefer our interactive 'McLobbyist' to the one they see on television," concluded Clark. "We're just trying to give the people a choice."


--Submitted to The Watch by ProgressNow Colorado

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The Banks Own This Place
by GusJarvis
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A little more than a year ago, some of America's biggest financial institutions helped send our nation into its deepest fiscal crisis since the Great Depression.  Since then, millions of Americans have lost their homes, their paychecks, and their savings.

In 1933, Congress moved swiftly to reform the banking industry and protect depositors.  Washington worked.

Today's Congress, in contrast, has failed to act.  A reform bill passed by the House languishes in the Senate. Wall Street wins.  Main Street loses.

Last spring, the Senate Banking Committee killed a bill that would have helped homeowners avoid foreclosure. The members of that committee, including my opponent, are the biggest beneficiaries of banking industry contributions.  As the bill's sponsor, Sen. Richard Durbin, put it, "The banks own this place."

We can do better.  As a member of the U.S. Senate, I will fight to:

1.    Create a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency to promote transparency and accountability in the market for financial products and services, crack down on predatory lending, and prevent other deceptive and abusive practices.

2.    Separate traditional banking from riskier investment banking activities, by enacting a modern version of the Glass-Steagall law.

3.    Require that derivatives be traded on an exchange and regulated in the same manner as commodities and futures.

4.    Limit the amount of leverage banks are able to incur and increase the percentage they are required to keep in reserve in safe, liquid investments such as Treasury bills.

Common-sense reforms like these are unlikely to pass in a Congress controlled by corporate cash.  That's why I've asked the other candidates in this race to follow my lead, by turning down contributions from special interest groups.  So far, none of them has agreed to do so.

In the end, the fate of financial reform -- like every other important issue we face -- rests with you.  Join me, and together we can stand up to Washington's pay-to-play culture and put America back to work.



Andrew Romanoff

--Submitted to The Watch by Romanoff for Colorado

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