72% See U.S. Economy on Wrong Course
by TellurideFreePress
 Telluride Free Press
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The poll results show the public is running out of patience with political leaders after months of protracted negotiations over the national debt ceiling that brought the country to the brink of default and signs that the economy is weakening. Seventy-two percent say the country is on the wrong track. read more from Bloomberg at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-09-14/72-see-u-s-economy-on-wrong-course-poll.html

...yet, partisan Democrats will vote straight Democrat and partisan Republicans will vote straight Republican YET again. 

An angel friend of mine has the uncanny ability to know these things ahead of time (as she predicted much of the economic turmoil back in July of 2008) and made this video for those that still feel that allowing a political party to tell you what you stand for is a sign of high intellect. 

 I hate to break the news to all the rabid partisans out there but you are the ones who have destroyed America, not the politicians you voted for. Its not the other side of the aisle or conservatives or progressives or liberals.  It is the sheep that worship the mantra of their respective parties without question, like the Nazi youth movement, who are to blame - the screaming delegates dressed like a cross between Uncle Sam and a drunk Krusty the Clown - the lost souls begging for your hard earned money so "we can put the RIGHT man in office" - and slick politicians promising honesty and a voice of the people while attacking everything the "other side" stands for.  

In short...partisans just plain suck.


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