Night Life at the DNC: Is Anyone Really Prepared for This Party?
by Jarvis_and_Cagin
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By Gus Jarvis

(Three Days Until Convention)

TELLURIDE – The political epicenter of Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is taking on the great city of Denver. For those of us who have lived in Colorado, or even the West, for that matter, hosting the Democratic National Convention in Denver will be an unparalleled addition to its rich history – no matter what the outcome. Speeches will be delivered in Denver that could be historic. For that, I think, we are all somewhat prepared. What we may not be prepared for is the gigantic five-ring circus of a party that will be taking over the Mile High City.

Naturally, of course, I am excited to observe this aspect of spectacle as well. I have always felt at home in the downtown/LoDo bar scene. I was lucky enough to have the keys to a high-rise studio my parents bought while I was serving my time at the University of Northern Colorado and Denver became a regular sanctuary – for study or play.

The nightlife in Denver, as in most metropolitan cities, is as diverse and vibrant as you want to make it. The regular every day Joe in his cheap business suit will find solace in places like the ESPN Zone, The Cheesecake Factory and the Hard Rock Café.

Others may choose a less corporate scene like Josephine’s on Larimer or the Irish favorite, Duffy’s, which lies in the shadow of Denver’s World Trade Center building, just off the 16th Street Mall. For me, it’s the Paramount Café that does it. Yes, the beers are overpriced but they are also oversized and certainly cold. Plus they have Heineken on tap, which served with a heavy dose of 16th Street people watching, can make for an evening of pure relaxation and enjoyment.

From the sports bars that line Blake Street to the hipster jazz clubs further east, Denver has a place for everyone to rest their weary mind with an ice-cold brew, purple martini or sweet-vermouth Manhattan.

What will the thousands of the attending liberal political poll cats will do when they flood into the sunny city next week? My guess is these people will, in all ways, know how to party. The various caucus meetings being held throughout the days at the Pepsi Center, the Denver Convention Center and other venues will certainly generate a serious thirst that evening.

It’s also my guess that when the sun goes down and the bars fill, the real politicking beings. Drinks served. Deals made. The mouths will certainly be running, and I, for one, hope I am up to speed and will be able to keep up with these people. The experience will certainly bring a perspective – one that I hope I find agreeable.

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Uncle D
August 24, 2008
Jarvis may pretend to be a big party guy, but He never has beat old Uncle D in a Football bet against the Colts or out drank his fan from Indy. Great job Gus, I'm proud of ya and keep up your great reporting. Of Course, you are getting T-shirts for your loved Uncle D! XL is a good size. Will comment again.

Uncle D
August 22, 2008
I have all the faith in the world that Mr. Jarvis will be able to go pint for pint with the best of them.