UPDATED STORY: 2-Year-Old Axel Charrette Killed in Mexico
by Watch Staff
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2-year-old Axel Charrette was killed on Feb. 28 in Sayulita, Mexico. (Courtesy photo)
2-year-old Axel Charrette was killed on Feb. 28 in Sayulita, Mexico. (Courtesy photo)

Officials Report Signs of Physical, Sexual Abuse

RIDGWAY – Two-year-old Axel Charrette, the son of Randy and Jen Charrette of Ridgway, was killed in Sayulita, Mexico, on Thursday, Feb. 28.

A former boyfriend of the 19-year-old woman who was watching the Charrettes’ two children has been arrested in the case.

In a statement released Tuesday, signed by Randy, Jen and 7-year-old Kalden Charrette, the family wrote:

“What you are about to read will be difficult to hear – and trust us, it's unimaginable to experience and to tell. As you know we were in Mexico. Through our Canadian landlord we had hired a woman and her daughter to help around the house.

“On February 28th, the daughter, our babysitter, let her boyfriend into the walled property. She soon realized he was in a violent, drug-induced state. Out of fear, she locked herself in a bathroom, leaving Axel outside. Kalden was inside playing games. The boyfriend, for reasons unknown, hurt Axel then threw him in the pool, leaving him to drown.

“The babysitter was arrested, eventually told the police what happened, and the boyfriend was subsequently arrested. They now face federal murder charges in Mexico City. Our contact at the State Department informs us that our case is Mexico's number one priority right now.

“There are no words to express our grief – but we wanted you to know what happened because the truth, as horrible as it may be, is important. Thank you for all your support and everything you have done and continue to do.”


According to an account in a the Mexican newspaper, Vallarta Opina, “Doctors at San Francisco Hospital told authorities last Wednesday, February 28, about the arrival in the emergency room of a 2-year-old foreign child, who died of drowning in Sayulita, requiring the presence of a public prosecutor because the body showed signs of bruises and sexual abuse.”

The babysitter, identified as Nancy Sara lee Solorio Perez, told investigators that after talking with her employers about what to feed the children, and making plans to take them to the beach, she took the two boys to the garden. “At that moment, she said she heard a garage door open, and thought it was her mother,” but then realized it was Carlos, known as Cholo, her former boyfriend.

“After a few minutes she heard the garage door close, but she didn’t see anyone, and she started looking for the baby. When she looked at the pool, she saw Axel was on the bottom, quickly pulled him from the water, and saw that he was naked and unconscious.”

Axel, pronounced dead at the San Francisco Hospital, was positively identified by his parents.

“Hospital officials informed law enforcement officials about the death of the child, by drowning,” the Opina reported, and said they had “also observed signs of violence and sexual abuse on the child’s body, making it necessary to investigate the facts.”

After interrogating Solorio Perez, officials tracked the suspect to “outside the El Paraiso restaurant in Sayulita,” and arrested him.

“The suspect was detained and jailed in Nayarit and has been identified as Eleodoro Carlos Rodriquez Sanchez, also known as Carlos Roberto Tapia Sanchez, alias ‘El Cholo’ (30 years old), from Teloluapan Guerrero and a resident of Sayulita.”

A memorial service for Axel will take place at the 4-H Event Center in Ridgway on Tuesday, March 12, at 6 p.m.; food and refreshments will be provided by area businesses. A fund has been set up in Axel Charrette’s name at Alpine Bank in Ridgway, for anyone wishing to contribute. For more information, please contact Jamie Nixon at 970/626-4100.

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March 08, 2013
Sending our deepest heart-felt, heart-wrenching condolences to the Charrette family.