ProgressNow Colorado Launches "McLobbyist Makeover Kits"
by GusJarvis
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New website offers "McInnis-style reinvention"

DENVER: ProgressNow Colorado, the state's largest online progressive advocacy organization, launched a new website and statewide new media advertising campaign for "McLobbyist Makeover," in response to recent attempts by former Congressman Scott McInnis to reinvent his public image.

"Scott 'McLobbyist' McInnis often feels the need to completely remake himself inside and out, depending on who he is pandering to," said ProgressNow Colorado Executive Director Bobby Clark. "From flip-flopping on a woman's right to choose to falsely casting himself as 'the country's biggest Tea Party candidate' on FOX News, McInnis has never seemed quite comfortable in his own skin."

In December, McInnis paid nearly $500 for the services of an 'image consultant,' who advised McInnis make drastic changes to his personal appearance (Denver Post, 2/1/2010). That is substantially more than presidential candidates John Edwards or Mitt Romney famously spent on their 'image makeovers,' and both of them were widely lampooned in the media. Earlier last fall McInnis launched a makeover campaign on the issues as well, with the help of extremist politicians like Tom Tancredo, in order to better appeal to his party's ultra-conservative "Tea Party" base (Denver Post, 11/19/2009).

Among other things, McInnis claims he is now "100% pro-life" despite having formerly chaired a Republican Party organization dedicated to protecting reproductive rights.

"If it seems like Scott McInnis is constantly changing his colors, it's because he is," said Clark. "Our goal in launching is to 'highlight,' if you will, McInnis' shifting image."

"McLobbyist Makeover" will collect names of those interested in ordering "McLobbyist Makeover Kits," which will be available later this year. Also under development is an 'interactive' McLobbyist, which site visitors will be able to use to preview different "McLobbyist Makeovers," and find the perfect combination for their tastes.

"It's possible more Colorado citizens will prefer our interactive 'McLobbyist' to the one they see on television," concluded Clark. "We're just trying to give the people a choice."


--Submitted to The Watch by ProgressNow Colorado

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