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Extremists scare the bejesus out of me.  The wierd part is that I often agree with their ultimate goal or cause, but the approach they use is usually fueled by emotion and passion, leaving no room to analyze the best logical plan of action.  Anytime emotion rules the decision making process, chances are that the decision reached is just plain wrong.  People who are ruled by emotion lose control and become unpredictably dangerous.

A recent discussion on the Watch comment section focused on this subject.  The discussion turned to right, wrong and the abstract gray areas that are defined by each individual.  That is really all the gray area between wrong and right is - a self justification for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.  

If there is only one truth as one comment suggested, then anything that contradicts that truth must be wrong. While portions of that "wrong thing" may be reflective of portions of the truth, this does not elevate the "wrong thing" to some gray purgatory.  It is still wrong.

A good example of this is the threatened protest by so called Christians during Gay Ski Week in Telluride whose motives and message appall 99% of our community.  There is no doubt these people are extremists.  They are ruled by emotion (hate and fear).  They have one goal - to hurt others with words.  They are not trying to change anyones mind to accept their destructive way of thinking.  To me, what they are doing is wrong. Plain and simple.

The fact that they believe what they are doing is right and holy does not make them any less extreme or dangerous. If anything, it makes them more of a threat. 

Using the argument that a definitive self determined gray area exists that is determined by individual morals justifies these angry protesters and their simply awful taunts and insults. The gray area of right and wrong is a dangerous and wooly place full of one issue extremists who are so emotionally involved with that one issue  they rarely think straight.

The best way to counter these extremists is to maintain the high ground.  I think it would be cool to see the local churches and the local Gay community hold a prayer vigil to show that true Christians embrace love, tolerance and kindness in the midst of hate. Maybe, just maybe this is our chance to pull together as a community and set the standard for future problem solving.

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