A Powder Day (WITH VIDEO)
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It appears that the collaborative snow dances of Telluridians have pleased Ullr (the Scandinavian god of skiing and snow), and he’s rewarded us with 29 inches of fresh powder.  Of course, the naysayers may say that Ullr and the snow songs and dances we do for him have nothing to do with our recent storm, rather that it was simply a result of atmospheric disturbance in the Pacific Ocean.

For the last month, every time a weather report called for snow, Carlos and I have sung a snow song to Ullr hoping for a powder day.  He wasn’t answering our prayers though, and admittedly, I, along with Carlos, was beginning to lose faith.

But then it started to snow. Friday was unexpectedly good (at least 8 inches of fresh on lift 9), it dumped on Saturday (13 inches reported), again on Sunday (6 inches reported), and the storm finally ended with a bang on Monday (another 11 inches reported). 

Catching a few runs on Mammoth on Friday was enough to get me waiting in the lift-8 powder line on Saturday, and Saturday was one of those days that completely restored my faith in Ullr, my love for skiing, and my optimistic perspective on life.

Telluride just feels right on a powder day. Our first ride up 9, Carlos, David and I passed over Awesome Rock as my brother Greg skied into it without stopping and dropped over the edge. We ran into him later on our way to Prospect and tried to keep up with him for a few runs. Greg absolutely rips, and it was awesome to see him pushing his limits. Later in the afternoon he skied over to the cliffs on skier’s left near the base of Revelation, and stomped a 30-plus-foot hit (see video below). The next run we went over to Gold Hill, and Greg straightlined a thin crack in the cliffs on skier’s right of the liftline.

After a near-first-tracks run on Genevieve that included a pretty great double ejection by myself, a woman at the bottom perfectly captured the beauty of a big powder day in a few words. “The best thing about powder days is that everyone’s smiling,” she said.

Saturday was one of those special powder days that with each face shot, and each cliff drop, I got a bigger smile on my face. And at the end of the day, even though my neck gator was frozen stiff, and my legs were telling me to stop, there was no way that I was leaving the mountain until the lift ops said no more. It’s these kind of days keep me doing snow dances and singing snow songs, and remind me of the true beauty of skiing, and how a powder day can not only restore your love of skiing, but also your love of life.

P.S. Snow reports are calling for a 70% chance of snow Wednesday night and Thursday morning. We all know better than to put too much faith in any weather report, so let the singing and dancing begin.

Check out this video of Greg stomping a cliff drop in Revelation Bowl:

Greg Drops Revelation Cliffs from Watch Newspapers on Vimeo.

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February 24, 2010
Nice clip of Gregory. Seeing as how I can't keep up with my sons anymore on the mountain, it's nice to see them on video.

The sense of happiness is ever present in this blog. It's amazing what snow can do for someone's soul.