No Foolin'. I wish I was a powerful Democrat too!
by TheViewfromReality
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I guess if you are a Democrat, domestic violence convictions just do not matter much to our local newspapers.  It must be more common than any of us thought.

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Good point...
May 05, 2010
When the DEA busted the mexicans running the cocaine cart I was not aware that the cocaine cart operated in direct view of the Marshall's office...literally a few hundred feet away.

What was found-guns, guns and money and of course cocaine...

How did this occur in direct view of the Marshall's office
May 05, 2010
What does any of this have to do with being a member of the Democratic Party?

People (individuals) make inappropriate personal choices, and inappropriate personal choices are personal choices, which are not related to political party affiliation, but rather, the individuals personal psychology.

There are quite a few individual Republicans out there who make bad choices who also don't suffer public humiliation because of them.

With the usual kind of spin control in this area, there are many Republicans who make feeding radioactive acid to birds sound like they are engaged in giving candy to babies and jobs to mommies and daddies.

The pot calling the kettle black and all.
April 03, 2010
Leslie - My point was not aimed at the verdicts but towards the selective reporting used to damage some residents and protect others. Most respectable newspapers have a Court Docket section, alerting the public to the outcome of trials. Here in Telluride we do not.

This selective reporting is used more often than not.

Did any newspaper in Telluride cover the recent beating of a local by two out of town off duty cops down at Lulu City? Is the community aware that they were allowed to "get out of town" with no arrest?

Was the community informed why there were 7 cop cars surrounding the Courthouse last week or that a local just out of prison was arrested for threatening a town public works employee after he discovered the town employee was "screwing" the jailbirds wife in the basement of the Elks Lodge while he was in prison and her daughter waited upstairs in the bar?

These are just a few of the "hidden" stories that would have been reported in any other town. In Telluride they are swept under the carpet.

This pattern began with the Telluride Marshals embracing selective enforcement when James Kolar was hired. It now engulfs the Town Liquor Board on pursuing violations - is used for signage violations - snow removal fines - and has now crept into the very entities that are to be the watchdogs of those in power.

In addition to political motivations, there are financial considerations. With advertising dollars hard to come by, neither paper is going to report on the criminal activity of a big advertiser.

In the case linked to above, the convicted individual is the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party of San Miguel County, on the MV Ethics Committee, and on the County Open Space Committee. I would think that a conviction for domestic violence of such an important local politician by a jury would have at least been mentioned in the local news.

How can anyone in the community make an informed decision on whether they agree with the verdict or whether they agree it was all political as the convicted has stated. It is not only unfair to the community but to the convicted as well.

Personally, I do not have enough information to agree or disagree with the verdict. How could anyone without accurate and unbiased reporting.
April 02, 2010
as someone who has been victimized, raped and beaten by an angry ex bf, I am disgusted that this creep faces no jailtime. statistics show he will do it again.