Up Bear Creek

UP BEAR CREEK | Visiting Dolores’s Chinese Mtns

07/28/14 | By | 221 views More

Hanging with Rio Coyotl and Gregorio, the next talking gourds and meeting Scott Armentrout.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Have You Read Your Piketty Yet?

07/21/14 | By | 693 views More

Inherited wealth is outpacing growth in the economy and its one of the nation’s biggest issues.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Trying to Limit Needless Regulations

07/15/14 | By | 1,078 views More

Truth be told, Goodtimes heard support for new regs in the East End and only opposition in the West End.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Pondering the Complexities of Marriage

07/07/14 | By | 1,559 views More

Old memories and future ones – family get-togethers are great for that …

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UP BEAR CREEK | Stalking the Wild Carnotite

07/02/14 | By | 1,681 views More

While I’m personally opposed to America’s pursuit of nuclear power, as is the Green Party I belong to, I’m also a realist.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Ute Elder to Speak at Library on June 27

06/25/14 | By | 1,314 views More

The apology has been a long time coming. About 133 years to be exact.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Quick Picking and High Peaks

06/17/14 | By | 928 views More

Welcome festival-goers. This is one of Telluride’s biggest weekends of the year.

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UP BEAR CREEK | No California Dreaming for Now

06/14/14 | By | 914 views More

A blown gasket puts end end to plans to drive to San Francisco.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Lost in the Tubercentric Soil

06/06/14 | By | 900 views More

Instead of several pounds of potato varieties, Wright’s Mesa spuds man Art Goodtimes is going to stick with his Survival Red.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Great Movies and Great Rainfall – Spring at Its Best

05/30/14 | By | 755 views More
UP BEAR CREEK | Great Movies and Great  Rainfall – Spring at Its Best

The theme for Mountainfilm this year was a call to action.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Cruising Into Summer With Telluride Mountainfilm 2014

05/23/14 | By | 849 views More

Stop by the Mason’s Hall over Timberline Ace Hardware on Main Street, where Art Goodtimes is emceeing for Mountainfilm.

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UP BEAR CREEK | WEBA Hosts First Meeting in Norwood

05/08/14 | By | 659 views More

Any cyclists out there are encouraged to attend an organizing meeting on Tuesday, May 13, at the Gordon Glockson building in Norwood.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Turning Back the Clock on Dolores River Protections?

05/02/14 | By | 779 views More

The Commission is holding worksessions to see if they can find a compromise that the Montezuma Commissioners will agree to.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Off-Season Thrills and Trills

04/25/14 | By | 500 views More

Towards the end of her life, Dolores LaChapelle began to dislike the word “deep;” no doubt she’d picked up on a dissonant connotation as the New Age High Church version of “wow.”

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UP BEAR CREEK | Traveling Kids, Cellared Wines, 9 Lives, Report From the Andes

04/21/14 | By | 637 views More

It’s a bit lonely at Cloud Acre, as my boy has taken advantage of a generous invitation to visit Hawaii during his spring break.

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