Next Generation of the Burger Joint Coming to Telluride

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The next generation of the contemporary burger joint is on its way to Telluride with a planned opening of Steamies Burger Bar set for July.

Owners Stanya and James Gorraiz plan to create a revolutionary burger experience unlike any other in a contemporary setting that will fit right in to Telluride’s Main Street scene.

According to Gorraiz, there will be no grilled, fried or charbroil burgers served but, rather, a seldom-used steam technique condenses the flavors of the burger that everyone loves while fats, oils and byproducts run out. An intensely flavorful burger is created that people can feel good about eating.

Stanya and James said they’ve only found a few mom and pop shops along the East Coast using the technique.

Steamies Burger Bar’s menu will include a base burger that can be personalized for each and every customer; there will be the “Steamie,” which will have the chef’s recommended set of toppings and a special sauce; and there will be a few specialty burgers including a bacon burger and a southwestern burger. Steamed hot dog options and macaroni and cheese will also be available.

For those condiment junkies out there, Steamies Burger Bar plans to have a customized sauce and shaker bar that will feature eight customs sauces and dry toppings in shakers. This will be the hub to burger customization where customers may find the veggies they desire or the perfect dip for their French fries.

To wash it all down, Steamies will offer frozen custard – a rich, and creamy form of ice cream that can be served in a cone, cup or milkshake.

Warmer temperatures, summer festivals and a new burger joint on Telluride’s main street what could be more enticing? Summer with Steamies is just around the corner.

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