Open Letter to Montrose Commissioners

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The members of the public that have elected the Montrose County Commissioners have the right to be treated with respect. Truth of the matter, give the public of Montrose County the five core values of Our County. People – Integrity – Communication – Professionalism – Efficiency.

The taxpayers of Montrose County deserve to have transparent communication and actions from their government officials. The taxpayers expect their taxed funds to be fiducially managed. The integrity of the Montrose Board of County Commissioner’s has come into question more than once in recent years.

Please explain to the people that elected you, why you have to give away millions of dollars as incentives to a new business to come to our county, like the Majestic Skies Agreement proposes. If this new business truly asked to start a new Aviation Business here, the appearance of a backdoor agreement would not cause questions of the integrity, professionalism or the efficiency that you are governing our county.

If the public matters of our County are handled with our declared core Values, I have no doubt that the people might regain trust in the integrity of this Board of County Commissioners’. Begin with the truth that Norman Schwarzkopf speaks of, “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”

I urge the BOCC decisions confirming new infrastructure and free enterprise involve the appointed Airport Advisory Board and hold true to the County’s vision and mission to serve as a responsive body to the citizen needs, quality of life and individual liberties. And to provide services that facilitate public health, welfare, safety and infrastructure to Montrose County citizens in an efficient and economical manner.

The people of Montrose County Welcome Economic Development and Free Enterprise, but not if we have to give the farm away in sweet deals without confirmed FAA reimbursements, we need to STOP The $5,000,000 Giveaway Now!

Respectfully Submitted,

– Tammy D. Theis

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