Adult Swing/Lindy Hop- Intro B

posted by smlwallin


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday, November 1
This event meets weekly


Weehawken Ridgway, Ridgway, CO 81432


Taught by Chris & Wendy Shima. The basics and essentials for the original form of swing, the Lindy Hop! This dance style is so versatile you can use it to dance to big band, jazz, bluegrass, country, rock 'n roll and pop! Easy and fun to learn! We'll have you dancing right away! No experience or partner necessary! However if you register with a partner we will give a $10 discount, please call 970-318-0150 for partner discount.  This is a 4-week class that continues with another session the following month if interested.  Students can take either or both!  Sessions are in 4 week intervals.  Come try a fun, new option! Intermediate classes will be offered soon if interested!


$50.00 $90 for couple