Merle’s Brown Bag Sells Out First Order of Reusable Carryout Containers
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TELLURIDE – Merle’s Brown Bag, a favorite main street breakfast-and-lunch counter/carryout, is selling out of its green, corn-based reusable salad containers faster than customers can write up their orders on the (also-reusable) order forms.

The containers cost $10, but come with a free salad on the first go-round. “I only ordered 25,” says Shawn-Marie Parent, the eponymous “Merle” (government officials thought her name was Shawn-Merle due to her father’s hard-to-read handwriting on the forms he filled out for her birth certificate), “because I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work.”

Get in line for yours now, however; she has ordered 50 the second time around, and they’re due in this week. “They’re made from corn that’s probably GMO corn,” says Parent, “which I’m morally opposed to. But it’s a good start – and it’s reusable.” This winter she plans to order reusable containers for baked goods, as well.

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tea party
August 15, 2010
Yes SM-Everything comes in and goes to the town on trucks-your corn based container does too-except it takes more petrol to produce them than plastic. They weigh alot more and use more petrol to transport and distribute than plastic. Then you bring them to town and add another polluting process-washing them-which wastes water. The company you are buying the containers from use a green advertisement to get you to buy their overpriced containers and you feel good about their product. The only green you are contributing to is the green in their pockets.

Food crops are produced for human consumption-its wasteful of us to take food from starving people and make it into plates so we FEEL better about the environment.

Ive been in food service for 40 years we looked at the corn containers-way too expensive. They need sunlight to decompose,most items in the landfill are not on top, the corn containers take longer than paper to decompose. A little saran wrap and a bag is a lot less waste.

Also the containers that are reused-you dont know where they've been or if they've been washed etc, you risk the possibility of contamination to your work space.

Yes 25 dollar sandwich ,8 sandwich ,10 container,chips ,soda and a tip = 25 dollars. I always tip 20 percent.

How about a volunteer program / I show up with my own china plate and get 25-cent credit ?

You are doing a good job and have a good continuing business,I applaud you for being successful in this town ,you are one of the few left standing . Please dont let the misguided green think take your business down-its way too expensive to support folly when you are running a REAL business. We all want the planet to be less polluted but dont try to save it by pricing yourself out of town.

bobck -Ive seen your kind before or 10 percent or less tipper-so generous-thanks. Yes I have an opinion-what have you got other than complaining about me ? That's right, no substance, good at name calling-you are really contributing to the conversation. A two sentence comment off the subject-now that is genius !

PS, 25 dollar sandwich, I assume the customer who wants the container pays the 10 dollars-if not we all pay more to cover the cost of the containers- I,d rather have one of your delicious sandis at a lower cost with throw-away wrapper than pay more so the reusable container people can feel good about paying more to save the environment.

August 13, 2010
Who is this tea party guy? What an idiot.
August 13, 2010
So, you think using a reusable container takes more energy than buying ones and throwing it away every single time...and guess what EVERYTHING here gets shipped and has to use gas...Icluding the people that pay the bill here... we are a tourist community. I do feed the people, over 80% of my business is locals and they are the ones who are able to reuse the containers...over and over...and where do you get the $25 sandwich, please...I work hard to give people a great lunch without spending a lot and I with making most everything in house so there is little waste as well as composting almost all of the vegtable waste... so what do you do?
tea party
August 13, 2010
Welcome to the home of the $25 sandwich get em here in Telluride you'll be saving the planet.

how much water is going to be used to wash the reusable contianers,how much more petrol was used to get the heavier more bulky shipments here ? Feel good about using food to make containers-the corn was processed to feed people -using it for containers is wasteful. Feed the people not the greenies .A lot more petrol goes into the making of corn containers than the offsets will make up for.So whos enviornment are you pollutting and whos are you saving ? Wasting food for containers is misguided and disgraceful.