We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us
by Rob Schultheis
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The one reason behind our decline as a political and economic power abroad and as a civilized democratic society at home?

Easy.  It’s the incredible mental laziness of  the American public, most of whom don’t bother to read, write or think.

Over half of Princeton students polled recently thought that “We hold this truth to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” was a quote from the Communist Manifesto.

Another non-Ivy League undergrad thought that “The civil rights movement in America turned around the corner with Martin Luther King’s 'If I Had a  Hammer’ speech.”   Many others, according to educational monitoring groups, don’t know who we were fighting when we landed at Normandy on D-Day (those damned French? The Russians?), and  can’t tell the Korean War from the Vietnam War, don’t know  their own state capital, and think the Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to raise armed militias and water the Tree of Free Enterprise with the blood of anyone smarter than they are.

No wonder, then, that Americans, worried that their beloved country is no longer “Number One,” reacted in the last election by voting in a posse of fanatics and sleazoids. These legislators want to slash spending for education, repairing and improving our infrastructure, keeping the environment safe and non-toxic and for firemen, policemen, teachers, first responders, and will instead use the money saved to further enrich the super-wealthy 5 percent at the top of the economic ladder. In this scenario, in which we are magically going to cut unemployment and generate a whole new array of high-end well-paying jobs, abracadabra, we’ll be the number one nation in the world again.

I’m sorry, but (and I know caps in a column are a no-no),  JUST HOW STUPID ARE YOU PEOPLE?  

Thank you; I’ll try not to do it again.

The Tea Partiers and their ilk don’t bother to find out the facts, and if they get them, they can’t use them to solve problems in a rational way.   The crux of the matter is, they can’t take the truth (thank you, Jack Nicholson), because it upsets their illogical belief systems.   “Taxes on corporations are killing our economy,” they like to say.   

Oh, really? You didn’t bother to do ten minutes of research, and find out that these big corporations don’t pay any taxes – that, in fact, many of them, like GE,  get billions back, in tax credits every year, of our tax money? And  you Tea Partiers want to give them even more of our money,  and make up for it by cutting money for schools, lunches for poor kids, Food Stamps, aid for the unemployed, funding for the arts and public radio,  among other things.

Seriously, your words and actions  boggle the mind; they strain the bounds of my credulity. 

And again, pardon me; sorry for being repetitive, but there’s just no possible excuse for your idiocy.

For instance:   anyone today can go on the internet and learn that 95 percent of the world’s scientists agree, Sudden Human-Influenced Climate Change, including the warming of key areas of our oceans and icecaps, really exists, and it is going to wreak havoc on our civilization.  

But that’s no fun, is it? It’s a bummer, dude, and me no like bummers, me want fun, and you science people, you Commie Osama party poppers, no fun at all!

So they automatically go to the websites sponsored by, guess who? The world’s energy corporations, which tell them, “Party on, bro!  The best is yet to come.  Don’t listen to them pencil-necked geeks and their unpatriotic atheistic science, go out and buy an SUV, an RV,  two or three ATVs,  a couple of jet skis and off-road bikes and have a blast!” 

Willful ignorance;  inexcusable. Another example: President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  For God’s sake, the damn thing was shown on TVand in the papers bloody effing months ago, and you can look at it anytime you want on your computer (just Google “Obama’s birth certificate” under “ images”), and they’ve even  found announcements of his birth in the Hawaiian newspapers of the day. 

Why don’t you, yeah, you, with your mind on vacation and your mouth working overtime,  give it up, and think about something important, like Manhattan under six feet of sea water?

I don’t know if Obama even cares anymore, but it drives me absolutely stone Tasmanian Devil crazy to keep hearing this birth certificate bleep; it makes me long to manufacture that horrible torture machine in one of Kafka’s stories,  that used razor-sharp blades and acid to embed words in a miscreant’s flesh, find the nearest hog-jowled lying right wing politician (Haley Barbour will do nicely) who still bloviates about the you know what,  O.B.C., and….

Oh, never mind.  It doesn’t really matter any more.  Bush, Barbour, Wall Street, the Koch brothers, Eric Prince and company, they’ve managed to take a Republic over two centuries old, once a symbol of hope and liberty to the whole world, and in less than a decade turn it into a third-rate kleptocracy where money trumps everything – honor, love of country, free speech, wisdom, children, earth, sea and sky, art and science,  even the future of the entire planet itself.  

Take a good look at the faces of  those who’ve killed the dream, who worship at the feet of the Moloch of Money, and listen to their voices, their words. Are these really human beings, or have they been taken over by malevolent parasites from outer space,  or the pot-bellied demons like the ones who plagued Milarepa in his cave,  or the ghosts of Chivington, Mussolini and Pinhead?

 And you,  we,  elected these monsters, either by not finding out what they stood, for, not exposing their dark souls or the source of their filthy money, or not trying hard enough to spread  the word.  At a time like this here are no innocent bystanders, and to acquiesce is to collaborate.  Ignorance has never been an acceptable defense, not in this world or any other, not when truth is the only thing that can save us.
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April 09, 2011

I think you just made Schultheis' point:

- He never stated there was a connection between the Princeton stat and the school's political alignment. You read it in to take a crack liberals.

- I have never heard anyone say it's not PC to identify Germany as the enemy in WW2.

- There is a very strong scientific consensus behind the idea of anthropogenic global warming. Obama's birth certificate has been examined by experts and credible news organizations and deemed to be authentic. Global warming deniers and birthers simply avoid this evidence by accusing the scientific community and media of being aligned behind some vague liberal agenda.

- Let me answer your basic economic question: Yes, a quarter pounder would cost the same if McDonalds paid corporate taxes. Your assertion that producers can pass a tax on profits on to the consumer belies a lack of understanding about even the most basic economic principles. The price of a quarter pounder is primarily set by the supply of cheap hamburgers in the market and the demand for those cheap hamburgers (there may be an element of local monopoly pricing as well). A tax on corporate profits might affect the supply but McDonald's cannot simply charge more for a hamburger to make up for the money they have to pay in taxes; McDonalds is already charging the most it can (the profit maximizing price) for its quarter pounders.

Sure the article takes an inflammatory tone, by I flatly reject your assertion that I as a liberal have only minor differences with conservatives. The two sides have fundamentally different views about the kind of society we want to live in and the places and ways in which government should and shouldn't have a role in shaping that society.

If you want to criticize the article why not just point out that it's not a particularly novel thesis and reads like a poor man's Matt Taibbi. Schultheis is a better writer than that.
April 08, 2011
The latest “Dispatch” from Rob Schultheis is a great example of exactly what the problem is, but the problem is not us.

First Mr. Schultheis blames lazy Americans who don’t bother to “read, write or think.” He then cites a statistic that “over half of Princeton students polled recently thought” that the quote from our Declaration of Independence was from the Communist Manifesto. Who runs the majority of our schools? Would you say Princeton is a conservative college? I would suggest the answer is a solid no. I submit that most colleges today, in fact many teachers and professors, are more liberal than conservative. I have no statistic to back that up but I suspect it is “self-evident”. Why do you think the kids don’t know that it was the Germans who were killing our soldiers on Normandy Beach? It is not politically correct to really state the correct answer. Political correctness is killing us slowly and surely. We don’t teach the constitution. God and Creator are mentioned in the first paragraph and the second paragraph. Apparently God the Creator was important to the founders and leaders of early America. He (God) has pretty much been banned from our classrooms and the results are again, self-evident.

Mr. Schultheis then becomes a name caller saying that Americans voted in “a posse of fanatics and sleazoids”. That is your opinion but it is my guess that if George Washington himself were around today you would consider him a fanatic and sleazoid. Mr. Schultheis then calls these people “stupid”. Very mature Mr. Schultheis. I believe that we should argue the merits of a position and that if you stoop to name calling that says a lot about the depth of your thought. In order to have reasonable debate there must be respect for those who disagree with you. It appears you have no respect for these hard working Americans or their opinions. In fact, it seems you could care less about them because you consider them the enemy.

Not satisfied with simply calling a bunch of Americans STUPID you then attack the Tea Party “and their ilk” and state that “they don’t bother to find out the facts, and if they get them, they can’t use them to solve problems in a rational way”. Let me get this straight, calling a large percent of Americans “stupid” and using the work “ilk” ,which clearly has a negative connotation, is rational? Name calling is not a rational expression. It is juvenile.

Mr. Schultheis finally does state a real fact in that corporations don’t pay any taxes. Let me ask a basic economic question: Do you understand that if we taxed corporations that whatever the dollar amount of the tax is, it would be passed on to the consumer? Let me bring this concept down a little bit, do you think a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder would cost the same if McDonalds was required to pay a corporate tax? The clear answer is no and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that.

Oddly, Mr. Schultheis picked out G.E. as a corporate example. G.E. is absolutely in bed with the Democrats, not the Republicans or the Tea Party. That is not opinion, it is fact. Who did President Obama pick to chair his Council on Jobs? G.E.’s C.E.O. Jeff Immelt. Liberals and Democrats always want to say it is the other side is that is cozy with business but the facts don’t back that up. Look who contributed big money to President Obama’s campaign; Wall Street. To quote Mr. Schultheis again, “sorry for being repetitive, but there’s just no possible excuse for your idiocy.” Once again, so very mature and professional Mr. Schultheis……

Then Mr. Schultheis goes after those who don’t accept global warming as being caused by humans as absolute fact. Mr. Schultheis, can you scientifically explain the reasons for extreme changes that occurred in our weather patterns (scientifically well documented) that occurred before the internal combustion engine? I am not saying that there isn’t global warming; I am saying that the cause is not known for sure. That doesn’t mean each of us as individuals shouldn’t be good stewards of the earth because we should. But, just because there is a scientific consensus doesn’t make it fact. There was a scientific consensus not too long ago that the world was flat. There was a scientific consensus not too long ago that Pluto was a planet. Just because a group of people agree on something doesn’t make it a fact. It only means they agree.

Mr. Schultheis also goes after those who question President Obama’s origin of birth. Just Google it he says. Well, I did. You can’t find it. What you do find is what is called a Certification of Live Birth. A birth certificate it is not. Am I mincing words? No. Check your birth certificate. Your birth certificate will have who the delivering doctor was, the hospital, and it will be signed by an official or the doctor. Please, go look at what you believe is the President’s birth certificate. It is not a birth certificate. Furthermore, the Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, a staunch supporter of President Obama, thought he would end the controversy himself by stating as governor he would find the birth certificate. Guess what, to this day he hasn’t found it and basically backed off.

Mr. Schultheis then, sarcastically I am sure, recommends torture to “the nearest right wing politician” because he is tired of hearing about the whole birth certificate issue. Furthermore, Mr. Schultheis goes after Bush (imagine that) and a myriad of others and blames them for the problems in our country. He calls them “monsters”. Again, good use of name calling Mr. Schultheis.

I submit to you that you, Mr. Schultheis, are part of the problem and not part of the solution. You demonize those who don’t agree with you. You call them childish names. I am sure you like to preach peace and love, but apparently only as long as it is to those who you agree with.

The beauty of the American government is that we the people really do have the final say. Our nation, because of our democratic republic system, never stays too left or too right for very long. I think that is wonderful. The pendulum swings one way then it swings the other. The biggest problem we face in America is that people have quit believing in themselves and unfortunately believe in the party of their choice, whether it is Republican or Democrat. Both parties have deep fundamental flaws. It’s not that the parties don’t care about America because I believe that they do. I also believe that their judgment becomes cloudy because of the immense power of the parties. I don’t support the Tea Party either. I support people who I trust. I support people who have open minds and don’t demonize others. I support your freedom of speech. I support Rachel Maddow’s freedom of speech as much as I support Rush Limbaugh’s freedom of speech. I support term limits for all. We don’t need full time politicians and I don’t care who that applies to. I respect John McCain but he needs to retire. I think Harry Reid needs to find a job in the real world. No career politicians period.

Mr. Schultheis’s title of his column is “We have met the enemy, and it is us”. I couldn’t disagree more. As much as I may disagree with Mr. Schultheis, he is not my enemy. I doubt that he has plans to ruin my family or injure me. I don’t doubt that he loves this country as much as anyone else. There are people who do want to kill Americans. They want to destroy our country. They don’t believe in freedom. They don’t believe in equal rights. They don’t believe in freedom of religion or freedom from religion.

Mr. Schultheis, let’s quit calling names, blaming the “other” side, and demonizing those who in reality, we have relatively minor differences with. We have a common enemy. Recognize they want to kill you as much as me. Let’s also focus on providing teachers with better pay and understand that people will disagree on the best way to accomplish that. Let’s focus on ending AIDS and not judge them for how they might have acquired the disease. Let’s focus on the poor and not look for the government to bail them out, but that it is your responsibility and my responsibility to take care of our neighbor, not the governments. Let’s take back our country from the political parties which only take our focus off the real issues. We can do it. If a rag-tag group of folks like Washington, Adams, and farmers and carpenters, regular everyday people, could create this great country then we can come together and stand united to fight our common enemies. We absolutely are not the enemy.

April 08, 2011
Uhm, General Electric's CEO is Jeffrey Immelt who also just happens to be the head of Obama's Presidential Job Panel and a close friend of the first family. Guess that wasn't worth mentioning in this poorly researched rant.

I just have to ask: What purpose does this commentary serve? I don't see any solutions offered, just blaming the folks who have differing opinions for our country's problems.

Rob, I know you are as smart as a whip but come on, do you really think that your political party is any better than those on the right. Both are ineffectual and dinosaurs. Just because you agree with what they say while they never follow through shows an almost religious partisanship.

I have to wonder if by some wild stretch of the imagination it was discovered that Obama was in fact born in Kenya, would any democrats in Telluride care? They don't care about a third war or Guatanamo or the other broken promises of our President.

It is always easier to throw mud (and attention) towards others when your side of the aisle is just as useless as the other side.