The Three Little Piggies and the Houses of Ice Cream, Peanuts and Mirrors
by Gust Cougias
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One day in their backyard, when Susie and Sam had finished raking the leaves, they decided to visit the land of magic.  

So they went over to the apple trees and said the secret word – “Tabooka!” – and ZAP, in a flash they were in for another adventure in the land of magic.

“Hello, Susie and Sam,” said the little man. “Today, we are going to the picnic area, where you will meet three friends of mine.” When they got to the picnic area, they were met by three little piggies.

Herman was the first pig to speak. “How would you kids like to listen to a story I have to tell you about us three little pigs?”

“We sure would,” replied Susie and Sam.

Herman told them the story. “Sherman, Thurman and I each built a house on top of three mountains,” he said.

“On the top of Mountain Number One, where it is very cold, Sherman built his house out of layers and layers of ice cream.

“On the top of Mountain Number Two, Thurman built his home out of peanuts – in their shells.

“On the top of Mountain Number Three, I built my house out of a thousand mirrors.

“One day, the dragon Hotstuff knocked on Sherman’s door and said,  ‘Let me in or else I will melt your house down with a ball of fire.’

“Sherman replied, ‘By the curl in my pig tail, I won’t let you in.’

“That was all Hotstuff had to hear, and he blew a ball of fire out his mouth and right smack into the ice cream house.

“The house on Mountain Number One began to melt immediately, of course, and Sherman was lucky to be able to escape out the back door. He ran up to the second mountain top, where his brother Thurman lived.

“But Hotstuff had followed Sherman to Thurman’s house, and when he got there, Hotstuff the dragon said, ‘Let me in or I will roast your peanut  house down to the ground.’

“Sherman and Thurman replied, ‘By the curls in our pig tails, we will not let you in.’

“So Hotstuff said,  ‘You guys really blew it. Get ready for a blast of fire like you have never seen  before,’ and blew out a huge ball of fire that hit the house, where the peanuts in the shell began to roast and exploded.

“So the two little pigs ran fast up the mountain to Mountain Number Three where I live,” said Herman the Pig, “in the house made from a thousand mirrors.

“But the dragon wasn’t too far behind, and he caught up with them.

“Hotstuff knocked on the door of my house made from a thousand mirrors, and was just about to say,  ‘Let me in, or I will shatter your mirrors with a ball of fire,’ but something made him stop.

“What made him stop?” asked Susie and Sam.

Sherman thought for a moment, and then he said, “When the dragon saw his reflection in the mirror for the first time, he saw how ferocious and mean he looked. And he thought, ‘No wonder I don’t have any friends.’

“And so, Hotstuff said to Sherman, Thurman and me, ‘I am not going to hurt you. I really would like to be your friend, because I don’t have any.’

“So we thought about it for a minute and said, ‘That’s OK with us.’ So we became friends with the dragon, and the four of us are getting along very, very well.

“Would you like to have some grilled hot dogs?”

Susie and Sam liked the idea and said, “We sure would.”

So Thurman said, “Hey, Hotstuff, get that ball of dragon fire of yours going and grill us some of your fabulous hot dogs.”

And if you have never tasted hot dogs grilled by a dragon, you don’t know what you are missing, because they are delicious.

After Susie and Sam had a couple of hot dogs, with everything on them, the little man in the red pants, the blue jacket and the white shoes said, “Time’s up, fun’s over and it is time for you kids to head back home!”

So Susie and Sam said, “Tabooka,” and ZAP, in a flash, they were back home, standing among the apple trees in their backyard.

When their mother said to them, “How about having some hot dogs for supper?” Susie and Sam thought to themselves, “You have got to be kidding!” and said, “No, thank you very much,” and asked if they could have vegetables and a salad, instead.

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