Broncos Season Almost A Bust, Tim Tebow to the Rescue
by Gus Jarvis
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I don’t know if they realize it or not but the Denver Broncos should be at a crossroads right now. Decisions need to be made. What should be made of this season? Do they continue in their unimpressive, non-winning fashion or do they decide to make something of this season. If they choose the later, decisions need to be made.

Sitting at 2-6 right now after a loss to one of the worst teams in the NFL in London and an absolutely embarrassing blowout at home against their division rival Oakland Raiders, head coach Josh McDaniels needs to some how scrape together some sort of a winning streak or start preparing to be better in 2011.

To get to the point here, McDaniels needs to make some changes in the form of his starting quarterback. Yes, it’s time to bench quarterback Kyle Orton. I know this may be a bit uncalled for as the Broncos our currently fourth in the NFL in passing yards with an average of 296.1 yards per game but Denver needs somebody to lead the team to victory. Orton is passing for a ton of yards and throwing few interceptions but all of that is null and void if you can’t win the game.

I know that the Broncos piss poor season doesn’t fall completely on Orton’s shoulders. Denver’s defense looks old. There is little-to-no pass rush. And the running game? Don’t get me started on the Broncos running game. It ranks dead last in the NFL with an average of 67.3 yards per game. That’s all Denver can come up with? Just over 60 yards per game on the ground? Talk about being a one-dimensional offense.

The entire Broncos attack from its defense to offense to its special teams needs an overhaul. Things are not good in Bronco country these days.

I am not sure McDaniels has enough tools in his toolbox to fix all of the team’s ailments. What he can do is shake things up. Make a change that could be for good or ill. The point is to make a change before its too late…and it’s not too late. I never thought I would be writing this – at least not in this season – but it’s time for the Tim Tebow show. Most fans would be excited. I think the team would be excited to give the youngster a start behind center.

I know you may be asking, come on Gus, how is Tim Tebow going to fix all of those aforementioned problems? One man can’t do it all. I know. But wouldn’t you agree that some sort of change is needed and the change has to be drastic enough to have an effect on the entire team. Why not start at the quarterback position? While we have seen Tebow run for two touchdowns this year, we haven’t seen him throw the ball yet. That remains a mystery to all of us. But his running ability is something the Broncos could have used a dozen times already.

Perhaps that is why I am campaigning to bench Orton. They guy can’t run. Hell, he’s slower than Elway was in his last year. Every time there is a third and long and there are no receivers open, when Orton decides to run for the first down its like watching paint dry. He is so slow. By having a quarterback (with some decent size) that can run for a first down when it’s really needed is something the Broncos need right now. They need to convert third downs and Tebow would be another weapon in doing so.

Of course, Tebow could get behind center and start throwing interceptions like it’s Jay Cutler all over again. At least there would be new energy in the team. It wouldn’t be the same old stale 2-6 Broncos team on the field. It may work. It may be a disaster.

What we don’t know for sure is when McDaniels is planning on inserting Tebow as his team’s No. 1 quarterback. How long is the quarterback grooming process going to be? If its going to be in the next two to three years, lets get him some real game time now, not later. If the Broncos lose three more games, McDaniels can call the season a bust. No better time to get Tebow in the heat of action than right now.

Kyle Orton is a fine quarterback and is impressive at times. Is he a winner? The jury is still out but it isn’t looking good. Orton could have led a late game drive to at least tie the game last weekend in London. It was in his hands. What happens when it comes down to making a play? Horrible interception that even a rookie probably wouldn’t throw. Orton just can’t seem to get the job done.

I don’t want the Broncos to be in the same position the Dallas Cowboys are in right now. Owner Jerry Jones should have fired his head coach Wade Phillips three games back in what has become a horrid season down in Dallas. Three games from now, I don’t want to say we should have pulled Orton three games ago.

It’s time for McDaniels to make a decision. The Broncos season is bordering on a bust. Is it time for Tebow? I think so. Drastic times call for drastic measures.
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