What Is Going on in the NFL This Season?
by Gus Jarvis
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Dominance in the National Football League is nonexistent this year. What a crazy season we are in the midst of. Go ahead name the two conference champions this year. At this time of the year in past seasons, naming those champions wouldn’t be hard. Colts or Patriots. Packers or Saints? Maybe even the Vikings. It used to be somewhat of a simple answer. But this season, who knows? It could be anybody.

The level of parity in the NFL this year is unbelievable. There is no dominant team and the second half of the season is going to be really interesting. In the past few years there has been a countdown to see if one team is going undefeated. This year, every team has at least two losses and we are only going into week 10.

I vaguely remember the opening weeks of the season and the World Champion Saints were, of course, favorites to do well once again. The Dallas Cowboys were also a Super Bowl contender. What happened to them? Well the Cowboys are dead last in the NFC East at 1-7 and are in need of a new coach and the Saints are second in the NFC South at 6-3.

Remember who was picked to be the worst team in the NFL? It was undoubtedly going to be the Tampa Bay Bucs yet here they are the surprise team of the NFL hanging in there at 5-3 right below the Saints in the NFC South. Crazy. I really like the Bucs this year. Why not? They are nobodies.

If someone asked me who the two best teams are in the NFC right now, I would have to say it’s the Packers and the Giants. Both started off the season with a couple of surprising losses and I had counted them out (especially after Green Bay lost to the Bears on Monday night) for the season. The Giants lost two games in a row at Indy and Tennessee and looked like they were really going to have an ugly season. The helmet-throwing incident really made them look bad and it looked like head coach Tom Coughlin had lost control of his team. But since then, he has righted the ship and they, along with the Packers look to be the best two teams in the NFC.

And lets not even talk about the NFC West. St. Louis and Seattle are tied for the lead in that division with 4-4 records. They are followed by 3-5 Arizona and 2-6 San Francisco. Talk about a wonderful division of stellar teams. Hard to believe one of those teams are going to be playing at least one game of postseason football.

And then there are the Vikings at 3-5. With Chilly as the head coach and quarterback Brett Favre actually running the team, who knows what will happen with them. I keep expecting that team to fade away into mediocrity, then Favre will have a career day in passing and they look great. Who knows what’s in store for them. I do feel the Vikings will have a new head coach by the end of the season the way that drama is playing out.

How about the AFC? Who looks to be the best in that conference? There are even more teams that could be the best. The Jets, Patriots, Ravens, and Steelers are all sitting at 6-2 in their respective divisions yet all of them seem to have some weaknesses. The Patriots got blown out against the Browns last weekend. What the hell was that? (In fact, that cost me some money and I am still pissed.)

The Jets couldn’t score a single point in a great matchup against the Packers. Let’s face it, they lost against the dismal Broncos a few weeks back but that wasn’t a reality thanks to a ref who couldn’t keep his flag in his pocket. Baltimore lost to Cincinnati. No need to say more about that loss.

The Steelers, I would say is the best out of that elite group in the AFC right now. I was really impressed that they were able win their first three games without Big Ben while he sat at home for being a dumb ass. The Steelers did take a pretty good beat down from the questionable Saints, so there are some weaknesses surrounding injuries. We will see if Pittsburgh can keep a positive direction with a weakened offensive line.

Then there is the AFC West. San Diego has been picked to be the best in the west the past three or four years. While they seem to put up good numbers on both offense and defense, they can’t win the big game. Don’t believe the hype about the Chargers. They are no good.

Surprisingly, and much to my chagrin, the Raiders have come on strong recently and are giving the Chiefs a good run for the best in that division. I had thought earlier in the season that because the AFC West was so mediocre, the Broncos, even as bad as they are, had a chance to make it to the post season. Now with the Raiders playing to win alongside the Chiefs, I am not sure it’s going to happen this year. Who knew the Raiders were going to be good? Come on? The Raiders? Really? Damn.

I do know that because the NFL really is a mixed bag of talent, every game is worth watching. Hell, even the winless Bills are worth watching. That team has heart and plays better most teams with winning records. It’s weird but true. Just like this entire season.
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