Satisfying a Life Goal I’ve Dreamed of for Years
by Art Goodtimes
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LOST COAST … Growing up along the coast of California, I’ve had a thing for the ocean. Salt air was my first breath. My family fished for cod, scooped grunion out of the surf, and collected shellfish back when abalone were plentiful … Living in Sixties’ San Fran, I used to hitch-hike north every weekend for several summers – stopping wherever a ride took me, hiking off into the hills on public (or sometimes private) property, and camping alone in the woods. It was my courtship with the natural world, after growing up in Suburban America of the Fifties … Got to know Highway One really well from Mendocino down to Bolinas. But north of Fort Bragg and the tiny village of Westport up to Petrolia and Eureka was the Lost Coast. No highways ran along the cliffs. It was wild country. I dearly wanted to hike that route … Over the years the mystique only grew stronger for me. Even when I moved out to Colorado (where I found myself on the cusp of the San Juan Mountains and an ancient interior paleo-ocean). Finally, this year, my old hiking buddy from my San Francisco days, Steve Clark (now living amid the San Juan Islands) cleared his pre-retirement deck (he’s a teacher, a fine writer and a most convivial companion in the backwoods) and said the magic words, “Let’s do it!” … And so, at 65, I’m finally traipsing off along California’s least civilized stretch of coastline, daring the San Andreas fault to release while I’m powerless against a tsunami (my recurring childhood nightmare fear), and making one of those lifelong dreams come true … I hope you do the same for yourself sometime soon.

RED ROCK COFFEEHOUSE … When I was on the Front Range three weeks ago, I stopped in Longmont to talk with folks about the Payment for Ecosystem Services project I’m working on, and then on to Boulder to visit some friends. I needed a place to catch up on my email, county and personal, that I’ve neglected focusing for the last month on the Shroomfest as I did. They recommended this place at 3325 28th St., Unit 9, and it was lovely. Lots of light and room and plugs for computers and free wifi. I spent the better part of an afternoon there … And it had one innovation that I’m sure isn’t all that new, but I’d never seen before. In its rest room, there was a built-in flap on the toilet that let you raise and lower the plastic seat easily. What a great idea! I was entranced … Next time you’re there, stop in. The folks are great. The coffee is great. And they let you stay as long as you like.

HAVAHART … Finally broke down and got a decent-sized live animal trap. Something had been raiding my cat food for weeks. Sure enough, caught three raccoons in one night. Then one the next morning. And another the next day. Took all five of them back to the woods. Don’t really want them living off cat food. But since I’m not into shooting things unless they want to attack me, I relocated them. Pretty expensive, when you figure the driving and carbon footprint, to say nothing of the time involved. … Oh, and the trap’s already broke (one raccoon was not an easy captive), and won’t stay open … The perils of country living.

MAPS WORKSHOP … On November 7th, 2010 MAPS will be hosting a workshop in the Boulder/Denver Colorado area on principles and practices of psychedelic psychotherapy. This workshop will be led by Rick Doblin, Ph.D., and Marcela Ot’alora, G.L.P.C., (a co-therapist from MAPS’s former MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD clinical study in Spain). Topics will revolve around therapist techniques utilized during MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, and will explore issues discussed in MAPS’ MDMA/PTSD Treatment Manual, lessons learned from MAPS MDMA/PTSD pilot study, and theoretical applications of these techniques for use outside of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. MAPS’ MDMA/PTSD drug development program will also be discussed … Later that day in the evening, MAPS will be co-hosting a benefit event and celebration with Students for Sensible Drug Policy. For more information on this event, visit www.maps.org/colorado2010


Keep the Peace/Find the Balance
–certain plain words as pomo metaphors–

yep, i think you're right
we hadn't given them any signals
which we were hoping might last

until we'd gotten through
our latest wrestle that
had sapped all energy for weeks

which is why the blowup
was annoying. we wanted a chance
to work with them quietly

before they realized
how deep our division would be
but it was coming sooner or later

and it's in the open now. maybe
not so bad a thing. always hard to know
how to play complex situations

you think you have a strategy
but the landscape changes rapidly
and that's politics, really

putting out fires & being able to
shift your stance, nimbly. and help
keep the peace, find the balance

that’s often a difficult mudra
and it takes a certain maturity
to be able to hold that place

been nervous, lately – worrying
which is when i can’t not
let go my italian temper

we need to walk
into negotiations strong
but flexible and willing to yield

on some points. not
that we know yet what those
>might be. hope you'll help us

strategize. we share your passion
for this place and for the more-
than-human world, but we

have to care for our humans
too – especially those that’ve
been here for a lifetime or more

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