Spuds and Squash Exposed
by Art Goodtimes
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HARVEST … I’ve been starting to harvest my potatoes. A little early, but I will be gone most of October, so I’m trying to harvest what I can before I come back to blankets of snow … Ed Werner, former Tellurider relocated to Carbondale, sent this note from over in the Roaring Fork … Today [Sept. 25] is harvest day for the squash. Several hundred. A hard frost last night has disabled the vines, knocking them down hard and revealing the fruits of the summer. The whole thing a massive ganglion of the amnion and the umbilicus of mother earth GAIA. Irrefutable proof of her existence, bearing fruit … As I hauled on the vines, I had a feeling a of a fisherman, hauling in his nets over the gunwales of a small dory. The thing tipping leeward from the weight of the haul. Or of someone in a deep kelp bed, free diving among the otters and fishes … I will take my car later and give away most of them. A great variety: acorn, butternut, pumpkin, zucchini (among others)…

PIONEER DAY … I missed Norwood’s big parade and celebration this year (the 74th) ... Gorio was sick, and as a single parent it was my job to stay home and keep him warm and snug, make him food. Not my usual role, but a good one … Congratulations to Bob and Sharon Hartman, who were crowned King and Queen this year – both very worthy community elders.

MID WEST ROCKFALL … Kudos to the great ladies and guys doing traffic control on Norwood Hill. They always seem to wave and have a smile (well, most ways). They come up and explain things to the first driver, if you have a long wait (even the worst has been just 20 minutes) ... Plus, it’s a great day seeing the State put wire mesh up on those crumbling slopes. I’ve had rocks fall front and back, one even dinged my hood … When the kids were little, we used to play “Rock in the Road” – the call I’d sing out as we swerved around the latest bit of late morning rockfall on Norwood Hill – sometimes more than once on the same stretch of hazardous highway … So I like what everyone’s doing – thank you much maligned and seldom thanked CDOT (especially in these days of budget shortfall) … And a special thanks to the traffic flaggers. The best crew we’ve seen in these parts.

BREAST CANCER BENEFIT … My filmmaker friend Lexie Shabel of New Mexico has started a nonprofit, the Breast Wishes Fund – after living with breast cancer for the past five years … Shabel upon hearing her diagnosis embarked on a different path to healing, augmenting chemotherapy with several integrative treatments ranging from mistletoe injections to somatic experiencing therapy. She credits this unusual cocktail for the disappearance of her tumor and over time has developed a way to work with “cancer episodes” by being a guinea pig and filming her journey … Now she wants to throw a party Saturday Oct. 9, as an unconventional fundraiser with integrative cancer treatments given free all during the day and forums, talks, music, live paint project, dancing and films into the night … For more info, go to www.gringaproductions.com … Or just show up at the Center for Contemporary Arts, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe. Free treatment, forums and talks start at noon. A $30 donation requested from 7-10 p.m. – though all are welcome.

MYRL SERRA … It’s sad to see anyone in the public trust charged with a crime, but who could have imagined that the highest law enforcement authority in San Miguel County (and the rest of the Seventh Judicial District) would be arrested by state officials and charged with indecent exposure, official misconduct and unlawful sexual contact … Counties in the Seventh (Montrose, Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Ouray & us – who share funding responsibilities) have long been hard on state District Attorneys and given them barely enough to get by. I’ve always tried to support the D.A.’s office, since I think responsible prosecution of illegal activity is the backbone of our judicial system. And while I might disagree with the law myself in some particulars, without law and order it’s impossible to have peace and justice (and never guaranteed, even then) … But I had a bone to pick with Mr. Serra even before this, and I’d let everyone in my office know that the next time he came to talk to the board, he was going to have to do some explaining about a “report” that his office sent out to county commissioners in the Seventh explaining how “medical marijuana” was a plot to legalize weed. Now, for starters, “marijuana” is a Hearst-invented faux-Mexican slang that I refuse to use. It’s a matter of principle with me. I didn’t have a problem with Mr. Serra’s opinion. I would disagree, but that is a reasonable argument … Nevertheless, I had a huge problem with our D.A. using San Miguel County funds to, in effect, distribute partisan political views, whatever they may be, at government expense. That’s not right … But I guess I’ll never get to ding him on that one. He’s got bigger fish to fry.


Spinning Free

No cell phone
No bound man
Just being a human be-in
totally disconnected
from all past & future pursuits

Whitman’s full loaf

being in touch
with your spiritual GIS

Grounded. Coordinated
Alive in the now

Inventing favors for a pretty face

Studying ancient pinyons
On rugged sandstone slopes

Doing that tarantella
with death
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