A Vote to Sue
by Eric Sanford
Feb 25, 2010 | 800 views | 1 1 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print

I will register to vote in the Town of Ridgway immediately. I have lived here for nearly two years, but have not yet registered to vote. I will register to vote so that I can have the privilege of being the first to file a lawsuit against the Town of Ridgway and the individual members of the Town Council should the Council enact the proposed “voting law.” I have never voted and I never will vote. I am proud to exercise my right not to vote.

The vote in American politics is nothing more than a pacifier calculated to misdirect the ignorance and attention of the citizenry. The delusion that the individual somehow controls government is nothing more than perfectly plotted and marketed propaganda.

Should the Town Council enact this “law,” I will propose and demand enactment of a law which requires each resident to “bear arms” in accordance with the rights granted by the Second Amendment. Or perhaps, I will propose a law which requires each resident to “speak” publicly once a year, like it or not.

When I don’t vote and when I get my $15 fine, what then? Will I ultimately be arrested for failure to pay the fine levied against me?

I have been told by those enamored by their right to vote that I cannot complain if I do not vote. Wrong. I will continue to not vote. I will continue to complain. I was born with these rights, I do not have to earn them by feigning a part in the franchise charade.

Eric Sanford
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send in the clowns
February 26, 2010
In fact, those who don't vote have even MORE "right" to complain, because they aren't the idiots responsible for this fascist scam we have for a government.