An Open Letter to Weehawken Creative Arts
by Wendy Bolane, Ridgway
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I just wanted to express how wonderful I thought The Nutcracker performance was this past weekend. My girls had an amazing time performing; I watched both performances and thought the show was just beautiful. I particularly liked the final scene of the first act, with the Snow Queen dance (Natasha, you and Kevin were stunning!) and the scene in the second act with the flowers. Both were perfect, and beautifully danced by the students. They also looked fantastic on the big stage at the Pavilion.

I have enjoyed the recent performances at the Montrose Pavilion. Everything just seems to work better when we have the performances there. I think that Weehawken Dance has simply outgrown the Wright Opera House. I am sure you can appreciate the time and effort the dance parents put into getting our kids to and from practice, making sure they have the appropriate gear, carpooling with other families etc. We spend considerable money for classes, dance clothes/shoes; flowers, DVDs and tickets to watch our children perform. When the show is at the Wright (as much as I like the theater) it is hot, crowded and generally I cannot see my children performing due to taller people in front of me. It's frustrating!

At the Pavilion, there is plenty of room, you can see from any seat, it's not hot or too crowded, the kids have plenty of room to dress/change, they don't have to be crammed into a candy store or shuttled across the street to do their dance - it's just a much nicer feel for the dancers and the audience alike. Add to that, that when we use the Pavilion, we can do 2 shows instead of 3. This makes a HUGE difference to the kids and parents, and I am sure to you both! The Sunday show is simply exhausting - everyone has had it by that point, the kids are tired and cranky and then no one has time to regroup and get ready for school the next week.

Thanks again for all you both do for our kids and the community. I believe that Ouray and Montrose counties are much better places because of Weehawken Creative Arts. And, thanks for allowing me to express my thoughts on the performance.

I truly hope you both have a restful holiday – you certainly deserve it! 


– Wendy Bolane, Ridgway

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