Attempted-Murder Fugitive Shot Victim Over Pool Game
by Beverly Corbell
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MONTROSE – The arrest affidavit of former Montrose resident Raul Perez-Ramirez, captured last week after being a fugitive for 26 years, reveals details of what allegedly occurred on the night of Oct. 6, 1985.

Ramirez, 48, was captured by the U.S. Border Patrol in California and returned to Montrose, where he is being held in the county jail on a $500,000 cash-only bond.

Ramirez is charged with shooting He allegedly shot his victim, Lucio C. “Domingo” Diaz, in the head after losing to him at pool that night at the B&C Lounge in Olathe.

Cmdr. Gene Lillard of the Montrose Police Department, who was working that night, remembered that Diaz survived, but lost an eye.

Neither the Montrose Police Department nor the Montrose Sheriff’s Office would discuss the case, because it is under the jurisdiction of the Olathe Police Department. Olathe Police Chief Rick Hawk did not return repeated phone calls; when asked why Hawk would not return calls, Olathe City Manager Scott Harold speculated it was because Hawk “was probably in junior high” when the incident occurred.

Perez-Ramirez is set to appear in court on Dec. 1 at the Montrose County Justice Center.

The court document from 1985, written by Officer Robert Bingham of the Olathe Police Department, states that on the night of Oct. 6, 1985, Diaz was playing pool with a group of friends at the B&C Lounge when Ramirez joined the game.

The report states, “Raul had not been a part of the group with whom a Mr. Diaz had associated that evening. Diaz had met Raul for the first time… After playing pool for some time they began betting $1 per game of pool. Lucio (Diaz) continually won the matches and Raul (Ramirez) lost.”

When the group moved to the nearby Pub Lounge, Ramirez followed, according to the affidavit, and the men began playing pool again. Again, Diaz won and Ramirez lost, the affidavit states.

“During the course of the contest, Raul began to call Diaz various obscene names to which Diaz protested,” Bingham wrote in the affidavit, and then Diaz kicked Ramirez in the stomach to make him stop. The owner of the bar told Ramirez to leave, and Ramirez then asked Diaz to step outside.

“Once they were outside of the Pub and standing on the sidewalk, Raul [Ramirez] apologized and wanted no further problems with Diaz and offered to shake hands and file the entire incident to be forgotten,” the report states.

The drama should have ended there, but it didn’t, according to the report.

The group went back to the B&C Lounge, but Ramirez didn’t join them, but came instead, according to the report, about 15 minutes later to the door of the B&C and motioned for Diaz to come outside.

Diaz stepped outside, and when he asked what Ramirez wanted, Ramirez shoved the barrel of a gun into his chest. The report describes what happened next.

“Diaz batted the gun away with his hand, and as he did so lost his balance, falling backwards,” and was shot but was missed.

“The gun discharged in a downward direction towards the brick wall of the B&C,” the report states.

Diaz scrambled to his feet, ran to the door of the lounge, and just as he got almost inside, according to the affidavit, Ramirez raised the handgun again, and, “holding the gun with both hands, he took direct aim at Diaz’ head, and fired a bullet through the plate glass door, striking Diaz in the left-hand portion of his forehead. The bullet lodged near the temple of Mr. Diaz’ head, causing him to bleed profusely and to periodically lose consciousness over the next several minutes.”

The report doesn’t say whether Diaz received medical treatment at the scene, but he was taken to Montrose Memorial Hospital, “where emergency procedures were required to stop the bleeding and preserve Mr. Diaz’ life.”

Police investigations revealed that Ramirez had worked for a local man for about four years, who described him as unable to speak English and having a hot temper. The employer said he had not seen Ramirez since Oct. 4, two days before the shooting, but others reported seeing him in the Olathe area after the Oct. 6 shooting. Officers had not seen Ramirez since the shooting, until he was captured.
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