Can’t Sleep? Check Your Watch.
by Martinique Davis
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(Courtesy photo)
(Courtesy photo)
TELLURIDE – A watch that not only tells time, but actually helps you spend more of it sleeping? It may sound like science fiction, but Telluride’s Dolce Jewels sells a type of watch that has actually been found to help its wearers sleep better.

A Philip Stein watch isn’t just any watch, says Dolce Sales and Marketing Associate Ilianny Mera. The Philip Stein company has developed of a line of products that incorporate Natural Frequency, a naturally occurring frequency that has been linked to numerous health benefits including stress reduction and better sleep.

Testimonials aside, the benefits of Natural Frequency are now backed up by scientific research. This October independent clinical trials organization NeuroTrials Research in Miami conducted a blind study on the sleep benefits of the 7-9 hertz Natural Frequency found exclusively in Philip Stein watches and bracelets. The study’s subjects, all of whom reported being poor sleepers, were each given a Philip Stein watch to wear. Half of the watches contained the Natural Frequency technology, and half did not.

Of those who wore the Natural Frequency watch, 96 percent reported some level of “positive response,” ranging from feeling more refreshed in the morning to falling asleep faster, sleeping longer, and having better dreams.

The secret to Natural Frequency lies in what acupuncturists and other alternative medicine practitioners refer to as the “biofield” or “master energy field.” These fields, or meridians, regulate the body’s functions and are responsible for telling the body to relax. Through a proprietary process, Philip Stein delivers Natural Frequency by installing a metal disk infused with key frequencies inside each watch. When worn on the wrist, the wearer is exposed to the biofield frequencies.

“When I started selling Philip Stein eight years ago, I was very skeptical,” explains Dolce’s Mera. “My watch sat in my drawer for four months, until my boss insisted I wear it.”

The effects, she says, were marked.

“I can easily sleep ten hours now,” she says, adding that she has experienced the side benefit of better performance in sports; she has worn her watch during three different marathons. Philip Stein watches are worn by the entire Miami Dolphins football team and Oprah Winfrey is a big fan. The technology is also being explored by NASA for use by its astronauts.

The Philip Stein watches and bracelets Dolce carries are in the $400-500 price range, Mera says, and make for great stocking stuffers. Philip Stein also makes a “Wine Wand,” that uses Natural Frequency to decant wine in an instant.

“We carry this line not as high price point fashion pieces, but because we believe in the effects of the Natural Frequency,” Mera says.

To learn more about the Philip Stein Natural Frequency line, visit Dolce Jewels on main street, 226 W. Colorado Ave.
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