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by Gus Jarvis
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The Rockies are playing at their worst right now. The Nuggets made no effort during their sweeping loss in the first round of the playoffs and the Avalanche are soon to follow. The Denver Broncos get a C- from me on their big draft day last weekend. With Colorado’s professional sports in the dump, I must focus yet another column on everybody’s favorite soon-to-be ex-con, Roger Clemens, as the plot over his steroid use continues to thicken.

As it turns out, good old Rog, the firing right-hander, is also quite the family man. Last week, in an effort to undermine Clemens’s reputation, the attorney for his former personal trainer, unveiled that Clemens had an adulterous affair with country music star Mindy McCready. McNamee and Clemens are both being investigated for perjury in a he said, she said argument over whether Clemens injected steroids and growth hormones.

McCready, who has a lengthy substance abuse rap sheet herself, didn’t deny the allegations that the two had an affair.

McCready told The New York Daily News earlier this week that she “cannot refute anything” that the newspaper reported on its website. The story said that the two met in a Florida bar when she was 15 years old and he was 28 and playing for the Boston Red Sox. He was married at the time and a father of two. He has four children now.

Citing anonymous sources, the News said the singer went with Clemens to his hotel room after their first meeting but did not have sexual relations. Those came later, after she moved to Nashville and became a country star.

Clemens’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, confirmed that the two had known each other for a long time but told the newspaper that no sex was involved. At no time did Clemens engage in an inappropriate or improper relationship with her, said Hardin, who described McCready as a longtime friend of Clemens and his family.

McCready isn’t alone in having to say she can’t deny sexual relations with Clemens, joining Paulette Dean Daly, the ex-wife of fat-man golfer John Daly.

Sources told, yet again, The New York Daily News that Clemens met Paulette at a golf tournament in Palm Springs and that the two have been involved with each other for a number of years.

“Yeah, I’ve known Roger quite a while and we are friends,” Paulette told the News but didn’t go into details of their relationship. She did not deny allegations that it was romantic and included monetary support. “You know what, I’m really uncomfortable talking about this, I am just going to have to say, ‘no comment.’”

Well now, two women who won’t deny romantic allegations with the pitcher. If they had flatly denied it, a lie could be possible, but they didn’t, and I believe them. And for Roger, these allegations are really his own doing. Clemens, in his effort to discredit McNamee, circulated information about an incident in Florida where McNamee was investigated for sexual assault but was never charged.

With this new influx of information (not that I needed it to judge Clemens) he certainly looks like a steroid pumping, lying, sleaze ball who probably also has a cabinet full of Cialis and Viagra. It seems he can’t go on road games and keep pants on.

Things look pretty bleak right now for Clemens. As I have said numerous times before, it is only a matter of time before he goes to jail for lying in front of a Congressional panel on the steroid use.

But wait, hey, Clemens does have one newsworthy source on his side. José Canseco, who has turned from homerun king to juicer to author, signed an affidavit that he had no knowledge that Clemens ever used performance-enhancing drugs.

That certainly changes things. Canseco is the go-to-guy for steroid abuse information. He has already written one book titled Juiced and has just released his second book on the subject, Vindicated. (Didn’t Canseco flatly deny using ’roids in his career and then, only to make a fortune, announce to the whole world in books that he and everybody else in the Major League was using?)

I am still on McNamee’s side of this argument. He has already admitted to injecting Clemens (which he refutes). He has taken steps to right what has been wrong in the clubhouses for such a long time. Clemens, on the other hand, wont let go. He has taken the hard way and it will not pay off.

Now, he not only looks like a liar, but also a terrible father, mentor and seems to be terribly stupid. He can’t live up to what others have admitted and put behind them. That sometimes takes courage and he certainly lacks it. As his argument lingers on against McNamee, he is only looking worse.

I, for one, would like ol’ Rog to speak his mind on the latest sex allegations on 60 Minutes. It’s been a fun ride, last stop – prison.
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May 02, 2008
Prison Gus? It's not illegal to cheat on your wife and they will never be able to throw him in the slammer for his word vs. his old trainers and friend Andy P. He is certainly guilty in the court of public opinion and nobody has ever fallen harder and faster, not even Michael Vick. Is he a fat stupid Texan? Yes. Did he juice up? Certainly. Did he cheat on his wife? Apparently. Should he never of filed the defamation suit against McNamee and should he of just come clean, apologized, and moved on like Pettie did? Obviously. Looks like he's getting what he deserves.