by Rob Schultheis
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The truth has been dead so long we’ve forgotten what it looked like, but the lies that replaced it, which began looking and sounding like the pig’s head in Lord of the Flies, are now a looming Tower of Babel that blocks out the sun and broadcasts deafening nonsense from 5,500,043 towers and still counting.

Remember “Energy Independence By 2012,” or whatever the imaginary year Miff Romney bloviated about? “Drill Baby Drill!”

Well, they’re now working on the southern terminus of the pipeline to transport the sludge from the Canadian oil sands; the terminus is in East Texas, and ranchers are having their land forcibly condemned to make room for it. (Tom Chapman to the rescue?  Not damn likely.)

Sheriffs’ deputies cheerfully pepper spray and drag away people demonstrating on behalf of the ranchers.  Why, you ask, does the pipeline end in East Texas, and not someplace more central to American consumers? Because the output of the pipeline isn’t for us; it’s going to be refined and shipped away to China, where the energy companies can suck the most profit out of it. (The “million jobs” Fox News said the pipeline would create? Yeah, they’ll be there; in China.)  

Energy Independence for the People's Republic of China! Yay! Note: Perhaps some of the oil can go to fuel the China naval fleet, when we finally fight a war with them; after all, American corporations sold scrap iron and steel to the Japanese right up to Pearl Harbor, when Japan began killing American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines with it – in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Chinese it had already murdered.  

You can trace the rise of lying directly to the corporate conquest of the world. Not that nations or political parties are more “moral” or “truthful” by nature, but at least nations and political parties have ideologies and emotions, for better or for worse; the corporate equivalent are advertising and spreadsheets. Expecting a corporation to have a conscience is like asking the same of a Great White Shark, or a virus.

When the bottom line is blood, oil, money, gold, power, the belly of the beast is the sole arbiter of behavior.  And those who become part of a corporation have no choice; they think, dream, scheme and labor on behalf of the same blind craving.  So much so for the innate “logic” and “wisdom” of the Free Market Economy,  

We won’t save our planet or ourselves until we find the truth in ourselves; I know this sounds like “woo-woo, I saw Buddha in my beer last night,” but not for nothing did the Old Testament prophets call Satan “the Father of Lies.” It all begins there.

The Sufis deemed truth so fundamental to love, goodness and the search for God that in Old Herat in the 1970s you began your search by facing your brother, sister, teacher, enemy and placing the palms of your hands against theirs; then you sat there looking unflinchingly into each other’s eyes until the universe of lies fell into ruins around you. It took many, many hours of this before that universe was truly dead, unable to reassemble itself and rise again, because lying , especially to yourself, is so, so easy.

Only then could you begin to begin.

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