DISPATCHES | The Press Strikes Again
by Rob Schultheis
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The American journalistic community, the most ignorant, lazy, self-congratulatory collection of brainless dolts that ever lived, has done it again:  totally blown a vitally important story, reaching a collective opinion after babbling among themselves and then molding their coverage to fit. I am talking about Egypt, of course, where, according to the press, the army is slaughtering innocent civilians by the hundreds for no apparent reason.

A few facts:  the Moslem Brotherhood regime was calling for attacks on Egypt's Coptic Christian and Shi'a Moslem minorities way before the military decided to intervene.  The great majority of Egyptians, who had hoped the moderate base of the Brotherhood would organize a pluralistic, tolerant regime, instead saw the Wahabbi Jihadist clique in the party, a small minority but extremely well funded by our Saudi allies, push the Brotherhood toward the al Qeda/Taliban end of the ideological spectrum.

Approximately one-hundred Coptic churches have been burned by Brotherhood mobs since the violence began, and God knows what has befallen the country's Shi'a mosques and madrassas. If the Brotherhood succeeded in regaining power, civilian deaths would be a hundred times what they are now, but our media has done such a great job whitewashing the Brotherhood you would never know it. Case in point: in a story in today's Huffington Post, the Kalashnikov firing goons amid the demonstrators are shrugged off; their relationship to the mob is "opaque," according to the weasel-wording maestro behind the story.   Really?

They're part of the mob, they're shooting at army and police personnel, but somehow the Brotherhood has no connection with them.

Question:  have you seen footage of the church burnings on the news, or seen interviews with Coptic Christian survivors of Brotherhood attacks?   If there has been any, I've missed it. The "news" we're getting out of Egypt echoes the rotten coverage out of Afghanistan, where the Pakistani-recruited school burners and suicide bombers of Taliban somehow represent a grassroots popular insurgency that deserves representation in the government (according to our press).  The lies never seem to end.

A couple of closing remarks.   There is no "liberal conspiracy" in the press, just a rat-pack mentality and a sure instinct for misunderstanding the world.

And no, Egypt doesn't prove Moslems can't handle democracy; if the Saudi Arabians weren't funding a global campaign to wipe out Shi'as, Sufis and the 90 percent of Sunni Moslems who are moderate and tolerant, and hadn't dragged Egypt into the fray, all probably would be well there.

But that's a bit too complex a story for our journalists to handle; they like simple stories, that their tiny minds can grasp; and besides, who wants to take on the real evil, our nation's collusion with the fanatical murderous cult of Wahabbism, and the wealthy Saudis who fund it?

Not this generation of pygmies.

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