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TELLURIDE – After the Town Council passed the first reading of the ordinance to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, the Town of Telluride’s online comment box received the following comments from people around the country. Here are those comments thus far, as of Monday, July 23:

You are quite welcome... I hope that Telluride's government will stand strong and not be intimidated by people who for some reason don't see that we need to hold the criminals in the White House accountable to protect our Constitution. I salute your town's courage for speaking the truth.

– Mark Reback

I am shocked that the town council found it in their power to make a decision for an entire town based on 1 percent (100 signatures) of the residents.

The town council should have taken the high road and let the people vote.  Instead, they have thrown themselves into the same dirty pit as this administration sometimes plays in.

I told my family that if this ordinance passes, I will stop coming to Telluride, sell our home in town and find somewhere that is more tolerant.- It is a painful but important lesson for my family, but not as important as it is for Telluride.

– Steven Rosenthal

Folks, don’t rescind your impeachment resolution!  It is the right - actually, the obligation - of citizens to use local government to address the impeachment of the President and Vice President.  Tyranny is what is happening and if you think local affairs take precedence, you'll find yourselves overtaken as the Constitution is shredded by the "unitary executive".  You could be proud of truly doing the right thing in pushing for impeachment.

– Mary Wollitz-Dooley

I agree Bush and Cheney should be impeached, however it has no business coming up as a vote in Telluride!  What did it accomplish?  How many people have you lost for business in the future?  I think you have enough local issues to deal with without bringing the town in to the fray of national divisive politics.   You could have all easily voted no, not that you didn't agree with the idea, but to be leaders and say we are not voting on this issue as it means nothing. You have tarnished the image of Telluride!

– Bill Dumont

“I want to thank the good people at the Telluride Daily Planet for web-publishing the article titled: ‘Town council: impeach Bush,’ written by Reilly Capps, published today, Tuesday, July 17, 2007.

I had been in the tedious process of planning another large family reunion/vacation at Telluride. And that article has certainly saved me much waste of time, effort and likely, some misspent money.

After reading the article and learning that such a rabid, and vociferous lunatic extremist fringe group has (again) come to dominate at the Telluride City hall, I've decided to refocus my efforts.

Now, I will plan our family reunion/vacation at Park City, Utah. And pass the word to many friends, family and others on this issue, as well.

Thanks and best regards …

– Sammy Sanchez, Dallas, Tex.

Regarding the notion, or was it a motion, to impeach both the President and Vice-President, the entire community should be absolutely ashamed of itself. The Town of Telluride is a very good place for the likes of your kind. For that matter, I suggest the Town of Telluride advertise for the rest of the liberal-minded yellow cowards in the United States to move there and then lock the gates so no one can ever leave again. It would certainly improve the rest of the nation. The only reason I can think of is high-altitude oxygen deprivation has removed any sense of logic and reasoning from your minds.  Certainly not an act of treason, IS IT?

– Jack Ridgeway

I would just like to send a message of support for your town's recent vote to support a resolution to impeach Bush & Cheney.  I hear you are getting some complaints from clueless people who still support the liars in chief, but don't worry, most of America supports your decision (recent polls show over 50% support for impeaching Cheney) and I for one will continue to support your beautiful town!

– Mark Reback 

What did your ‘impeachment’ vote accomplish?

– Judy Bankier

Concerning Telluride: impeach bush...."oh look Ma…we made the news!!!...City Council meetings in Telluride apparently consist of everyone sitting around a campfire passing around a bong.”

– K. Morgan

Thank you for taking the position you did on impeachment. It was the correct thing to do. I respect that a great deal.

– Tom Bleuer, Oak Creek Trustee

Then next time I have a bad case of diarrhea, I will try to visit your town and make a deposit. I am ashamed your town is part of the USA.

– Richard Hendrell

I admire small town councils that create a voice in America. Specifically, the town of Carbondale, Co., rejected federal mandates to monitor public library activity as unconstitutional.

On impeaching the President of the United States: The oath of office includes "protect the people of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic" along with protection of the Constitution of the United States. President Bush was derelict in his duty to protect us when he was not diligent to protect New York City's World Trade Center. There has been very little talk about this. His father was a CIA director, the World Trade Center was attacked on President Clinton's watch, and there was suspicious evidence in the intelligence community brought to the attention of high ranking executive branch personnel prior to September 2001.

Former President Clinton was passionate about the 911 attack in the media approximately a year ago directed toward Condi Rice. Her response was vague in relation to the historical context of national security.

When you draft your statement for a vote, I hope you include "gross negligence of citizen protective responsibilities", "violated his oath of office" or language to that effect.

I am extremely disgusted how 911 has changed the world. It could have been prevented.

Sincerely exercising my freedom to speak …

– Dave Dreith, Grand Junction

I grew up near Durango. I always check out the Durango Herald online to see what news there is of "home." I now live in the wonderful Northwest Blue State of Washington and I was absolutely thrilled beyond belief to see the Herald note that your town had passed a resolution to impeach Bush/Cheney. Oh, and the message, “Your civil liberties are safe in Telluride” blew me away. Thank you for taking a stand, but more, thank you for taking a principled stand, thank you for still having the ethics, morals and guts to do the right thing and thank you, on behalf of every decent human being on the planet. Sometimes it's the little things that start the ball rolling; didn't I hear something about a butterfly flapping its wings . . . . ? 

Thank you so much.

–    Mark and Jean Bolton, Kent, Wash.

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