Facts About the ‘Respect Ouray’ Petition
by Roze Evans, Respect Ouray County Petition Administrator
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One of last week’s letters questioned the integrity and honesty of ROCC, those who testified in favor at the VIR hearings and the people who signed the Respect Ouray County petition.   This letter spoke volumes about the signers of this mean-spirited letter and nothing about the people and organization that they were trying to dishonor.

The main purpose for this letter is to set the record straight about the Respect Ouray County petition because there were several incorrect statements about the “in favor” petition in last week’s slash and bash letter. 

Facts About the Respect Ouray Petition 

  Total signatures: 329

  311 Ouray County citizens signed the “in favor” petition

  No anonymous names. Signers who chose to be anonymous online had their full names submitted to the BOCC along with the petition. 

  Eighteen signatures with non-Ouray county addresses who do not own property here nor reside here part-time: Many of these people regularly visit Ouray County and were aware of the proposed section nine revisions and the ROCC petition.  

  ROCC emails included the address to the county online VIR information page.  In these emails people were asked to research the proposed VIRs using the county website as a resource. This is a very informative, well-done page that presents both sides of the issue and includes the full wording of the proposed Section 9 revisions. They were then asked to sign the petition if they supported the revisions.

We should be working together in this effort as we all want what is best for our community.  Many of us who moved here have seen the results of not planning for growth and know it comes quickly, is hard to regulate after the fact, and changes the character of a community.           

Let’s all work together for the good of Ouray County and incorporate the best ideas from both sides into the revised Section 9 Visual Impact Regulations. It is possible to cooperate and compromise.

– Roze Evans, Respect Ouray County Petition Administrator

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