Fat Devours Billy
by J.D. Kirkendoll
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Serious Rehab; Dogs Stay in Doghouse

Saturday proved to be a very enthralling day for softball fans as six of the seven teams in the A league took the field for double headers. The day started off with an early morning grudge match between Team Rehab and the Tuna Cans. It didn’t take long for the streaking Team Rehab to jump on the Tuna Cans as they scored eight runs in the first. The Cans never had the answer to the seemingly endless barrage of hits and runs that Rehab threw their way and the game ended in the same fashion in which it started; The Cans being put through some serious Rehab.

The action continued at 11:30 a.m. with a classic rivalry match between Billy Ball and the Junkyard Dogs. Billy Ball, with the help of ex Junkyard Dog Chris Nylan, took it to the Dogs and put them right back in the doghouse they have been in all season. George Gage seemed untouchable on the mound all game, as the Dogs walked off the field with their tails between their legs after losing by eight.

The sun reached its pinnacle in the sky for the third game of the day between Rehab and The Shed. Rehab, led by former teammate (and ex-Telluridian) Brian “Coop” Cupoli jumped on the Shed early trying to continue their six-game win streak. Just as they had done to The Cans, Team Rehab reminded everyone in the park why they are in second place as they walloped The Shed into a pile of wooden ruins.

As the precious warm hours passed, the final games of the day were rapidly approaching and highly anticipated. Fat Alley, this summer’s juggernaut, was set to defend its undefeated record against Billy Ball and the Junkyard Dogs. Fat would square off first with the Dogs in a rematch of last year’s championship game. The Dogs, who were playing with no backups, had their backs up against the wall from the first pitch to the last, but none the less fought until the very last swing. Fat Alley’s defense, led by veteran Teddy Errico at shortstop (and their offense led by Eric Saunders) was just a little too much for the Dogs to handle and the Dogs dropped their second game of the day by a deficit of two. Fat Alley, hungry for another win, wouldn’t stop there, however.

In a classic Yankees vs. Red Sox or Avalanche vs. Red Wings matchup, Fat Alley was set to take on Billy Ball. Billy Ball was looking to capitalize off of their earlier win against the Dogs and was hoping to knock some sense into Fat. But Billy Ball’s desire was not enough to propel them to a win as they started the game with only eight players, and Fat Alley proved again why they are the best team in town as they held Billy Ball to only one run batted in. Billy Ball had no offense to talk about, no first baseman to throw to, and had no answer for Allen Matthews’ four home runs on four at bats as they dropped the game to Fat by a margin a fear to mention.

Telluride A league softball picks back up on July 7, when Fat Alley defends their record against the Tuna Cans at 5:30 p.m., and The Shed looks to close the door on the Junkyard Dogs at 7 p.m.


Junkyard Dogs, Last Dollar Tuna Cans, 11-10

Billy Ball, Junkyard Dogs, 21-14

T.W. Green, Telluride Mafia, 10-5

Barley Sippers, Hosers, 12-1

The Shed, Last Dollar Tuna Cans, 11-15

Billy Ball, Fat Alley, 1-14

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