Film School Could Offer ‘Endless Possibilities’
by Ernest Eich, executive director, Film Academy Telluride
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It isn't everyday that the true power of film is made clear. We Telluriders are indeed lucky to see firsthand some of the greatest of these films on our own movie screens. We are exposed to knowledge from the entire world, brought to us not just by the great festivals in town, but by independent filmmakers who live here; by local interests who put together screenings and discussions for all of our benefit.

We also sometimes find ourselves experiencing the lighter side of film: comedy, curious entertainment, a story for the sake of the story. All of these effects are apparent at times, but mostly hidden. Perhaps the least acknowledged of these realities, however, is that every filmmaker starts somewhere, and rarely with a first attempt that is so beautiful as to make it to a festival.

The Film Academy of Telluride would like to recognize Media Ranch for their recognition that everyone starts somewhere. A huge silver-screen thank you for the donation of equipment needed to take our screening room to the professional level we strive for. The generosity of spirit represented by this gift makes us all better, and will be a memorable part of the lives of the youth and other community members who take part in our programs for years to come.

If you would also like to get involved with FAT productions and help support our inaugural year, please contact me at 970/708 9561. There are indeed endless possibilities.


– Ernest Eich, executive director, Film Academy Telluride

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Steve F.
November 18, 2008
Indie dude, you're an ass. Eich is simply asking that anyone interested in film production should get in touch with him. At least he's doing something creative and if you don't have an interest, quit bitching about his and move along. It's attitudes like yours that makes Telluride feel unwelcome and cold. I also fail to see the word "grant" anywhere in his article.
Ernest Eich, IV
November 18, 2008
Well let's see, Mr. Indie Dude (what's your name)... so far I've made 10 films before I turned 18, made three in the last 4 years, and am writing a trilogy that currently hits 100 pages. While leading the Film Academy, I've worked to complete "Unplugged" with writer Tom Shane and currently filming a short horror flick called "The Revengence" written by Academy resident Intern Ajax Davis. And there's the 4-camera live shoot that was edited down for Celebritology!! Search for the video from it on youtube, and check out their page on Facebook too.

Wanna see some? Check out the Film Academy of Telluride page on Facebook - and see what we've been doing. Next time, sign your name...

I am Ernest Eich
indie dude
March 20, 2008
talk about hte blind leading the blind, this has got to be the stupidest idea so far this year. another nonprofit for special special us...more grant money squandered ...why don't your investors have names, Mr Eich? what films have you made lately?