For Ridgway Schools’ ‘Kefuffle,’ an ‘Easy, Democratic Solution’
by Albert J. Adams
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I have followed the current kerfuffle concerning the Ridgway Secondary School, Ms. Gomez and Jim Bob Hobbs with no small amount of dismay.

I can count on less than one hand the number of people I have ever met who possess the honesty, integrity, diligence and common sense of Mr. Hobbs.

Ms. Gomez's tenure seems to be trademarked by closed door disciplinary action and terminations. I am pretty sure that this is a public school, so if these type of actions need to be closed to the public, then perhaps a better vetting process should be used for hiring.

This would institute confidence, stability and peace of mind in the staff in whom we entrust our precious young minds to be educated. That type of positive atmosphere inevitably is breathed in by the the students as well, instead of a pervasive CYA mindset, which also becomes apparent to the young minds.

While the ship of common sense sails closer to the horizon, shall we continue to tenaciously cling to the CYA mindset? Perhaps less time spent hand-wringing over imagined litigation, and more spent on education, with a positive, common-sense, ability-to-think environment would work better, instead of making every issue as complex and/or black or white as possible.

Now, I do not have a dog in this fray, but my dog does like consistency. So here is an easy democratic solution.

Invite all parents, teachers, students and employees of the district to a board meeting – as they all do have a dog in the fight. Have Ms. Gomez and Mr. Hobbs stand before the board, backs to the attendees. Then take a vote on which one appears to have worked their ass (OK, butt) off for the school. Ms. Gomez may need to employ a stool or riser, just to make things level.


– Albert J. Adams

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