Fossil Fuel and Pollution Reduction
by W. Rodney McKinnon, Montrose
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I am writing to inform you of something I learned about electrical equipment.

My neighbor has a satellite TV receiver. He put a watt-meter between the receiver and the power source. To his amazement, the device used as much power in the off position as when it is on, about 43 watts.

I did the same thing with my LCD television and DVD-VHS player and found they were using 7-watts of power in the off position.

If you take 100,000 people and multiply it by 7 watts of or 43 watts, well, you can see that would be a huge amount of electricity and pollution. What if it was a billion people? Think of the possibilities.

It would be in the interests of everyone if these devices would actually shut off, instead of unnecessarily using power. it would dramatically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

This is an issue about our grandchildren, their future. 

- W. Rodney McKinnon, Montrose

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