Funding of Gondola Is Not Just a TMVOA Responsibility
by Jim Pettegrew, Telluride
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Telluride Town Council members ...really? Because we don't yet know the particulars of how the Gondola's funding will come together 13 years from now, we shouldn't even form an RTA?

We're so green and progressive that we have a surcharge on hot tub installations and we limit the number of skylights a home may have, to decrease nighttime light pollution, but it's not yet time to participate in an RTA? Regional transportation has been repeatedly identified as one of our key issues and challenges, for decades. And the gondola is the most visible, most-utilized piece of regional transportation. I'd say it's succeeded beyond most anyone's expectations, in terms of ridership; it's also a tourist draw in and of itself.

 So let's roll up our sleeves, participate with the entire region, and deal with all facets of an RTA's purview. And I'll bet that the majority of your constituents – Telluride's voters and taxpayers – will agree that the operating and funding of the gondola is not just a TMVOA responsibility. Especially if we have 13 more years to duke out the details.


– Jim Pettegrew, Telluride

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April 25, 2013
thanks, jimmy. as a former council member, well said. we should have formed an RTA 16 years ago, when jim craft first proposed it.