GUEST COMMENTARY | Don’t Smoke in Public, and Other Advice Regarding Amendment 64
by Michael Grady, Co-owner of Alpine Wellness, Telluride
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“What does amendment 64 for mean for me?” If this is a question you’ve been asking yourself since the vote you can join the majority of us in the confusion surrounding the matter. The good news is, as of right now; the situation is not as confusing as it seems. Currently, in the State of Colorado, there are no longer criminal penalties for possession of less than an ounce or the cultivation of up to six plants in your private residence.

Whew…. Let’s all take a moment to say, “Whoa!!! It’s finally happening.” This is a historical period for our country, state and local community; we have finally initiated the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition. However, this fact should in no way encourage you to be in public’s eye using marijuana and acting as if you’re invincible all of a sudden. Considering the changes on the horizon, let us be sure to put our best foot forward by demonstrating respectful and responsible behavior. The ball is in our court finally; let’s not give anybody a reason to take it away.

“So, how can I obtain marijuana now that it’s legal?” Currently, the only legal way to purchase marijuana is at a medical marijuana center. “Can I just go in and show them my I.D.?” No, you see, a medical marijuana center requires proof of prescription, or an MMJ Card, before a sale can be completed. These are the guidelines our current licensing requires us to follow. This means, no card, no ganja. The state has projected that they will complete legislation for the commercial sale of marijuana by 2014.

The new legislation will change our standard operating procedures & guidelines in a way that supports an adult’s ability to purchase marijuana without medical reason. Until then, having a medical marijuana card remains essential if you would like to purchase marijuana from a store. We are all anxious and excited to see what kind of beautiful bloom the marijuana industry has to offer, but for now, patience remains a virtue.

“Is there anything else I should know about Amendment 64?” Whoa! What a great question! There are some awesome areas of the new amendment that nobody seems to be focusing on. Of course, I am referring to the legalization of hemp in the state of Colorado. That’s right, a whole new industry is on the horizon or three new industries for that matter; the agricultural production of hemp, the processing of hemp & the distribution of hemp. These three new industries will offer opportunity and jobs for several hundred people in our state, not to mention, the opportunities ahead for the support industries that will surround it. Hemp, being a producer for fabrics, paper, fuel, plastic alternatives and much more, remains one of the most useful plants on the planet! Pay attention here, hemp is by far the most important part of Amendment 64. As Colorado is the only state with legalized hemp, it gives us the sol ability to manufacture process & distribute the product on a national level. Remember, it is not illegal to sell processed hemp in this country; it is illegal to grow and manufacture hemp, that is, unless you’re in Colorado.

So, what does Amendment 64 mean to us? It means the next two years will be full of ups and downs, new hoops to jump through & obstacles to overcome. It means, one day, you might finally be able to waltz into a cannabis club and buy herb as an adult. It means Colorado is the first state in over a century with the ability to produce and export processed hemp to the rest of the nation. It means the next several years are full of possibility for those looking to create something for themselves. It’s time for a smile, after years of fighting, marijuana prohibition is coming to an end and that’s because of you, the people.

“Be the change you want to see in the World.” – Gandhi

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