Gators Put Up Pitiful Performance Against Charlestown Southern
by Gus Jarvis
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The baseball action this summer has been anything but boring, but boy does it feel good to have college football action back in the diet. And what a smorgasbord of college football action we had this past weekend with my alma mater Colorado State bringing down the house in Boulder, beating the favorite Buffs, 23-17.

Outside of Colorado, the big storyline was, of course, Brigham Young University’s upset of no. 3 Oklahoma, 14-13, and the shoulder injury of the reining Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford. He is out for the next couple of weeks with a third-degree sprained shoulder after a Cougar defender landed on it. And how about Notre Dame beating Nevada 35-0? At one point in history, Notre Dame wouldn’t have batted an eye at an opponent like Nevada, but Notre Dame in the past three years has been terrible. Could this be the turn around year for the boys from South Bend?

Hell, the college football action was even good on Monday night this week with The U of Miami upsetting its in-state rival Florida State, 38-34, by scoring 21 points in the fourth quarter. It was Monday night football at its best. The game I had the most fun watching this weekend was No. 7 Virginia Tech taking on No. 5 Alabama on Saturday night inside the Georgia Dome. For a week-one matchup, this was big time college football at its best.

To have two powerhouses meet in the first week is great for fans and for the players. This was a tough and grueling game and I probably wouldn’t be as excited to talk about it had the Crimson Tide lost (I had a vested interest, you see) but what a game. Two great teams, head to head, early in the season. You don’t always get that kind of action early on in the college football season.

I was enjoying this game with my fiancé, soon-to-be mother-in-law, cold beer, and peel-and-eat shrimp, all within the confines of a swanky downtown Denver hotel. All of us screaming at the TV set going for the Tide. It was a great scene and nothing, absolutely nothing could sway me away from my joyful mood…until I saw the Tim Tebow highlights. Then I got pissed.

“And here’s our Heisman watch of Florida’s Tim Tebow,” the giddy announcer said during a break in Alabama game. “Tebow was nearly perfect today in his part of a 62-3 routing of Charleston Southern. Tebow has started the season looking practically perfect.”

I am not directing this rant toward any Charleston Southern alumni, student or fan – but to all Florida fans, crazed gators, alumni, and Gainesville citizens when I say Charleston Southern could be the worst team I have ever seen a No. 1-ranked college football team take on in the first week of the season. Whoever it was in gator land who decided to play Charleston Southern in week one should be held accountable. This is the worst possible matchup I could ever, ever think of a No. 1 team taking part in.

All the sports desk heads on Saturday night were really excited about the performance of the Gators and pretty boy Tebow. “Boy those gators sure looked like a No. 1 team on Saturday, didn’t they? They beat ‘em 62-3. They sure are going to be dominant this year aren’t they? That Tim Tebow sure looks like the Heisman winner so far.”

Give me a break, man.

I know, I know. Every year, some whistleblower like myself cries foul when these top-ranked teams play schools that aren’t even remotely close to the competition. The debate will always rage on. Why should those big name schools get to play weak competition early on in hopes of playing very, very well and keeping the injuries to a minimum? Well, it’s not so much of a big game for the ranked school, some would say, but it really allows no name schools a national spotlight for recruiting and recognition. Those games are all about the little school.

While I understand that argument, is a 62-3 loss something I want my school to be recognized for in the national spotlight? Not really. Some will say, “What about the possible upset?” OK, Appalachian State-Michigan will only happen once in a lifetime and we have already seen it.

Now there were other teams on Saturday that had a lopsided matchup similar to the Florida-Charleston Southern game. There was USC-San Jose State. Nebraska and Florida International. And Kansas-Northern Colorado. What I didn’t get from matchups like those is the over-annoying Tim Tebow Heisman watch shoved down my throat every five minutes. Cool it on the Tebow praise when Florida is playing a no-name team already. We get it. Tim Tebow is good. And he should be good when he is facing teams like Charleston Southern, shouldn’t he?

In my eyes, Charleston Southern won that game anyway. Vegas had them going into the game as 73-point underdogs. And they only won by 59 points? This is a loss for Tebow and the Gators. Pitiful really. I mean, if I were to rank them this week after not covering their spread, which was doable, they should drop in rank – possibly as low as No. 10. That’s what they get for playing a no name team, touting how good they are with their Heisman candidate and then, not covering their point spread. But I guess that’s why I don’t get to do any of the rankings. I have too much Vegas and cynicism in my head to do it justice.
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