Green Party Prez Candidate Jill Stein Gives People’s State of the Union Talk
by Art Goodtimes
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GREEN HOUSE PARTY … It’s an exciting time to be co-chair of the Colorado Green Party. The Occupy movement has shown that a large percentage of our citizens are fed up with the military-industrial complex’s corporate hijacking of the national agenda … The Republicans have nearly bankrupted our treasury fighting foreign wars for oil (an energy source that global climate change demands we transition away from), and we’ve watched as corrupt Wall St. bankers are rewarded with bailouts and outrageous salaries, while unions and working citizens stand by helplessly as industries migrate overseas, their salaries diminish, and their jobs disappear … The Democrats promised us change, and yet have produced little but more of the same. Guantanamo’s still open. We’re still at war in Afghanistan. This current administration has offered subsidy incentives to stimulate the uranium industry – leading to a Canadian-owned mill proposal in our backyard. President Obama (our great Black hope) has just signed a bill allowing the indefinite detention of American citizens by the military. And the universal health care coverage we were promised turns out to be a mandate that benefits most the health insurance companies … Yes, we know the American political system is skewed to favor the oil elites, Wall St. and the two major political parties. But it’s time for real change in the Republic. And Green Party presidential hopeful Jill Stein is proposing just that … Never heard of her? It’s not surprising. Few politicians surface in the media unless they’ve been vetted by millionaire party brokers (Dem and Repub). So, let me invite you to join us in Norwood for a Green House Party to hear Jill Stein give a People’s State of the Union address (and maybe in Telluride as well). Hear for yourself what the Green Party stands for – and it’s a lot more than environmental protection, although that has to be one of our strongest platform planks … I’ve represented local citizens for going on 14 years as a Green county commissioner, and I’m very proud of what our county’s done – not just balancing our budget but building up a strong reserve that’s helping us through this Great Recession, so that we haven’t had to fire any employees – not one! As a board, we’ve fought for wilderness, tourism improvements, open space, local public transportation, clean water, clean air, energy reductions. The Greens may be a minor party in Colorado, but we’re clearly deep in the mainstream when it comes to smart, progressive governance … Jill Stein could bring us that same savvy on the national level. But don’t believe me. Come hear for yourself on Thursday, Jan. 26, at 6:30 p.m. at the Hollinbeck residence in Norwood. Call me at 327-4767 for directions … There’s a strong chance the Wilkinson Library also will make Stein’s speech available on the 26th, possibly at noon. Stay tuned … And if you want, watch it live yourself on line, Thursday, Jan. 25, at 6:30 p.m. MST. For more info, visit RASTA STEVIE … Made the front page of the Durango Herald Monday talking about employees at his Animas Herbal Wellness Center. There are nine dispensaries in Durango employing 60 people in total.


NFL FOOTBALL … Although I’m probably as countercultural a dude as you’ll find in this region, I was born in the 40s, and I carry a lot of cultural baggage from our patriarchal past – including a love of football. When I was young, in spite of my small stature, I played pickup games and various adapted-to-our-circumstances versions of America’s true national pastime. I still have some City of Mountain View summer flag football awards from the early Fifties. At 13 I was the quarterback, and my brother Greg (12) was the star halfback … Growing up, watching the San Francisco 49ers on TV with our dad, was one of our strongest family rituals. Vince would drink cans of super cheap, SF-based Burgermeister beer, which we three sons were allowed to open and get the first sip of – a practice that has continued to make one beer tasty and the second unappealing in my world of alcohol. Not a bad learning, really … This has been a wildly surprising season for the Niners (and for the Broncos, until they succumbed to the Patriots). Watching New Orleans struggle to overcome the Niners this past weekend at the Llama – my fave spot to watch football in Telluride – my Niner fan buddy Lee Taylor and I enjoyed one of the most thrilling games of the season. It was the sterling Niner defense against the amazing Drew Brees and company offense, and yet in the end – after four lead changes in the final five minutes – it was quarterback Alex Smith and the Niner offense that won the game … This brings the Niners back into the NFC championship game for the first time since 1997, and this for a team with a first-year coach (Jim Harbaugh has done wonders with last year’s lackluster team) and a much-maligned quarterback on a one-year contract … Whatever happens next, it’s a great year to be a Niner fan.



Her sparkle

fingers twinkling

like Christmas bulbs

as we dosey-doe

around a Fall Creek


in the canyon of

St. Michael

the Archangel

greeting each other

in the flicker of

an instant

both of us

going at it

50 miles an hour

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January 27, 2012
Excuse me? "....our great Black hope".

Sorry Art, but the fact that you even see Obama as black first and identify with that as a main focal point shows a very shallow and "racist" mentality. Why not just say, "our great negro hope, our great nappy haired hope, or our great not really black but kinda hope. Geeesh.

I mean I voted for you...ONCE and I didn't refer to as that "nasty little white drum playing, street walking, no grip on the world dwarf whose yard should be the main concern of SMA" when you let me down. You know, just spend a bit of time focusing on the character and ethics of a person and not the skin color. If you had, you would never had "hope" in Obama in the first place.

January 26, 2012
Where to start with Goodtime's rant on the targeted killing of mad Iranian scientists bent on building weapons of mass destruction?

Goodtimes calls it terrorism..

I call it Great News!

Literally, I celebrate the killings of sick and bent people who are trying to develop nuclear bombs for a islamofascist state.

This last time, some mad 32 year old "family man" Iranian scientist nut job was being driven to work by his chauffeur and some patriots on a motorcycle drove up next to him, slapped a magnetic bomb on the roof of the car, sped off and then blew this nut job to Hell! Blew him to pieces! I hope the other mad scientists pay attention!

Great Job Patriots!

Only 5 I ask?

How many more will need to be killed until these nuts work on something to benefit the state of Iran...cuz one thing is for sure..a nuclear Iran is an Iran that must be defeated..

Until then.."we drop the bomb on you, baby!"