Green:SMPA Mischaracterized | Guest Commentary
by Bill Green, Manager of Public Relations/Energy Services
San Miguel Power Association
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Negative press may sell newspapers, but it’s not good for people. San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) has recently been in the spotlight for unflattering actions that allegedly took place under the former General Manager. Since the case is still pending legal action, few comments can be made concerning those allegations. However, while the charges work themselves through whatever legal course is deemed necessary, the employees of SMPA would like it to be made perfectly clear that SMPA is not in disarray nor filled with people addicted to drinking and pornography. The implications of inappropriate conduct, as taken from recent articles and their associated headlines, are not only wrong interpretation but inappropriate in and of themselves. Those activities did not happen on the scale implied and are not currently happening at SMPA.


The employees of SMPA have been through some tough times in recent months, there is no denying that, but they have not let that interfere with their jobs. They have moved past those rough spots and continued working to make SMPA better. The employees of SMPA are dedicated to their charge of delivering you, the members, reliable power at the most economical costs, in an environmentally friendly way. Painting the entire company with a broad brush of unproven allegations is very unfair to the employees and is not an accurate picture of current SMPA employees.


With the departure of the General Manager this past spring, the employees have taken it upon themselves to keep the co-op moving forward. What happened in the past has been left there and the challenges of the future met head on. Major projects have been embarked on with employees doing whatever has been necessary to get the job done. There has never been a delay or period of limbo waiting for a new GM to come aboard. The employees of SMPA have kept doing what needed to be done to continue forward.


The employees of SMPA are hard working, dedicated people who take pride in their work. The recent allegations have been hard to take from both a personal and professional standpoint. The employees feel the calloused actions of whoever is responsible for releasing confidential information to the media has caused the members to look upon all of them in a bad way. Naturally, they are feeling the sting of this attack, even though they are not responsible. Headlines, based on unproven allegations, that attack your personal character as if they were true tend to cause anyone to be offended. Reporters did not contact SMPA to inquire about the actual character of current employees or current conditions at SMPA. Instead they chose to publish allegations that have yet to be proven and paint the entire organization in a bad light. 


It is important to note the allegations are just that, allegations from disgruntled former employees. Indeed, an independent investigator hired by SMPA’s attorney concluded after interviewing current employees that almost all of the allegations are without any merit.

There is much more to the story than what has been published, the facts of which will come out during any court action, should it happen. The bottom line, from the employee’s position, is SMPA is in the hands of a great group of people who work hard together to make your cooperative the best it can be. The events of the past are water under the bridge. The employees hope the focus on SMPA will shift to the positive things we’re doing and the improvements we’re making. 

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