I Have the Foresight to Carry County Through an Era of Crisis
by Art Goodtimes, Incumbent Green Candidate for
San Miguel County Commissioner
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Ecological wisdom teaches us that the boom-bust syndrome has far wider application than just capitalist economics. Economic recessions are, however, the most visible manifestation of panarchy’s four-phase adaptive cycle, with its manifold ecologic as well as economic and social systems interacting in bunched phases of cycle (cf. Gunderson & Hollings’ Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Systems of Humans and Nature, Island Press. 2001).

Being green is more than just the practice. There’s theory behind it.

As we enter this period of rapid and unsettling change, it will take foresight and intentionality to carry San Miguel County through an era of crises and maintain a successful resort-community niche in the framework of a larger Western landscape. I think I have the experience and far-ranging contacts to help us do that.

I support the sustainability effort spearheaded by Kris Holstrom and sponsored by the towns and county working together as the Intergovernmental Group. I also support Commissioner Joan May’s RSVP (“out of the box”) visioning process. These two initiatives offer us critical pathways forward amid the economic uncertainty of the next few years. I want to fund and nurture those efforts and use my communication skills to keep citizens informed and involved.

I believe the county is in excellent financial shape with a six-month operating reserve, has a great team of dedicated department managers and employees, and over the last two-dozen years has initiated and adopted wetlands, high country and purchase-of-development-rights regulations that are among the most progressive in the state. And yet, as a commissioner who lives in the third district, I’ve tried to hold steady to the principle – one-size-doesn’t-fit-all, getting rid of building codes in the sparsely-settled and fiercely independent West End of the county while imposing strict green building codes in the developed and densely populated East End.

I take very seriously the trust vested in me by the people to protect, not just our species, but the interconnected web of life we inhabit now and for seven generations into the future. My work with the Gunnison sage-grouse and expanded wilderness protection in the county speak to that.

I hope you’ll vote Green on the local level this November, and re-elect the Goodtimes for a fourth term as one of your team of public servants at the county level. If you need more info, visit my campaign website Endorsements

Since this is such a complex ballot, I’ve been asked by a number of citizens for my ballot endorsements this election. I’m not going to add more verbiage to your burden, but simply provide a cheat sheet for those who are interested in how I will be voting (or supporting, if I’m not in a voting district). Look to others for explanations.

U.S. President & Vice – Barack Obama & Joe Biden

U.S. Senate – Mark Udall

U.S. Rep. (Third Dist.) – John Salazar

State Board of Education Dist. 3 – Jill Brake

State Rep. (58th Dist.) – Noelle Hagan

Dist. Attorney 7th Jud. Dist. – Myrl Serra

San Miguel County Commissioner Dist. 1 – Elaine Fischer

San Miguel County Commissioner Dist. 3 – Art Goodtimes

Supreme Court Gregory Hobbs, Jr. – Yes/Retain

Supreme Court Allison Eid – Yes/Retain

Colorado Court of Appeals Steven Bernard – Yes/Retain

Colorado Court of Appeals David Furman – Yes/Retain

Colorado Court of Appeals Jerry Jones – Yes/Retain

Colorado Court of Appeals Gilbert Román – Yes/Retain

Colorado Court of Appeals Diana Terry – Yes/Retain

Colorado Court of Appeals Robert Hawthorne – Yes/Retain

7th Jud. Dist. Court Judge Chuck Greenacre – Yes/Retain

7th Jud. Dist. Court Judge Steven Patricks – Yes/Retain

7th Jud. Dist. Court Judge James Schum – Yes/Retain

Amendment 46 – No

Amendment 47 – No

Amendment 48 – No

Amendment 49 – No

Amendment 50 – Yes

Amendment 51 – Yes

Amendment 52 – No

Amendment 54 – No

Amendment 58 – Yes

Amendment 59 – Yes

Referendum L – Yes

Referendum M – Yes

Referendum N – Yes

Referendum O – No

San Miguel County Referred Issue 1A – Yes

Town of Telluride Referred Issue 2A – Yes

Town of Telluride Referred Issue 2B – No

Town of Telluride Initiated Issue 200 – Yes

Town of Telluride Initiated Issue 201 – Yes

Town of Telluride Initiated Issue 202 – Yes

Town of Telluride Referred Issue 2C – Yes

Town of Telluride Referred Issue 2D – Yes

Town of Telluride Referred Issue 2E – Yes

Telluride School District Referred Issue 3A – Yes

Telluride Hospital District 5A – Yes

Town of Norwood 5B – Yes

Town of Norwood 5C – Yes

Town of Norwood 5D – Yes

Town of Norwood 5E – Yes


-for Bill Hickey

Too damned old & leonine?

No, I’m bolder & wiser,


Hold bedrock values

in spite of the rainbows I wear.

Share citizens’ trust.

Truth is, this job makes you

change your mind

like teens change clothes.

Learn from whatever

you bump up against & can’t move.

Yes I sometimes roar.

Get passionate

about the People’s work.

Parse a certainty

for the lie it may be.

Sniff the wolves in sheepskin.

Know maybe

the best can be done

puts band-aids

on bleeding arteries.

Like Vincent St. John knew.

Like Harvey Milk knew.

Yet, dared to do.
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Peter Rollings
October 20, 2008
I will not be voting for you Art. I will also be voting against your stances. It is time for CHANGE is San Miguel County - Vote for OAK or the other dude!
October 20, 2008
We need more poets in government. Believe it or not, they are very careful with words and deeds. Keep him in.