It’s Time for a New, Less Emotional QB in Denver
by Gus Jarvis
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I can’t believe the drama between Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels and the sensitive, unproven quarterback Jay Cutler has gone this far. Trade Cutler already. Trade him. Send his ass to the Raiders or the Jets or the Bears. I don’t care where he goes. What is important, to use mob lingo here, is that Jay Cutler disappears from Denver ASAP. He is a disgrace to the Broncos organization, and pro athletes in general.

We should have all seen that Cutler is a bum when he first opened his mouth and said that he has a stronger arm than John Elway. Jay, don’t ever, ever use your name in the same sentence with Mr. Elway’s name. You certainly don’t deserve it and there is no similarity between you and the football great, nor will there ever be. Elway had heart and a passion to win through thick and thin. You, Jay, have a strong arm a big head and an uncanny ability to throw picks at the worst time of the game and season. Sayonara pal.

Up to a point, I understood Cutler’s frustration with McDaniels for going into trade talks for Matt Cassel. He had a right to be concerned. The problem between the new coach and his quarterback should have never gotten past this last weekend after the two had a sit down to vent their frustrations and move forward with the work of creating a championship football team. What they couldn’t do at their sit down was bury the hatchet and move forward. Cutler came away, according to ESPN, saying that he could no longer trust McDaniels. Bowlen then said he was disappointed with Cutler’s handling of the situation.

With that, Cutler, the man who needs the most practice than any man on the team, doesn’t show up for Denver’s off-season workout program on Monday. Not a mandatory workout but you had better have a good excuse not to show up. Jay’s excuse simply sucks and it is time to trade.

Now there are some like the fat Mike on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning” that believe McDaniels could have done more to sympathize with Jay and move forward. Come clean and forget about it. There are those like me that believe if McDaniels, who is the youngest coach in the NFL, gives in to Cutler and apologizes and does whatever Cutler wants, it will set a bad coaching precedence in the Denver locker room. That will affect Jay’s performance and ability to take orders from his coach and it will also undermine McDaniels ability to run the team in general. Next thing you know Jay, in all his adolescence, will be calling his own plays, doing what he wants and NOT helping Denver win championships. There is a pecking order, and without organization and superiors, the whole concept is lost.

McDaniels is in charge. We must and he must not forget that. That is why Bowlen hired him. This is McDaniels team and now he must take charge by getting rid of Jay as soon as possible. Denver is not Jay’s team. He is nothing but a wretched detriment.

Some refreshing commentary came out of Tuesday’s Denver Post by Mark Kiszla who is also calling for Jay’s departure. Kiszla writes that now is the time for McDaniels and GM Brian Xanders to get creative with trading cutler. There are other QB possibilities out there. The sky is the limit. Kiszla mentions with some hope that Denver could look into trading for Georgia’s QB Matthew Stafford. How about Cleveland’s Brady Quinn? He’s just looking for a team with just a little talent to succeed. Maybe Dallas’s Tony Romo? He is pretty, but at this point with Jay, I am open to even the craziest suggestions. How about picking up Chad Pennington? He did a stellar job in Miami last year. Let’s pick him up before he actually makes a home there.

The point here is that there are other quarterbacks who will make Denver a better team than it was with Cutler behind center. Forget Cutler. He is and should be gone to whatever it is that he wants to do.

Jay had the upper hand until last weekend. He could have made is point to McDaniels that he is pissed and then could have told him that it’s time to move forward, I am your man to lead this team to an AFC Championship. Your point Jay would have been made and you would have walked away a bigger man with gained respect from Denver fans.

Instead, you bitched and moaned like a college dorm schoolgirl who couldn’t kiss ass enough to get an A in biology. Because you couldn’t burry the hatchet, Jay, Bowlen/McDaniels and Co. have the upper hand in the situation. You are gone baby gone.

I would say, Jay, you had better get traded soon because the longer this goes on, the less likely teams are going to even want your dysfunctional personality.
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