Just Say ‘No’ to Favre’s Selfish Return to the NFL Brad Childress
by Gus Jarvis
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There is the NBA. There is the MLB. There is NASCAR. There is the NFL. And there is Brett Favre, the newest sport, all his own. Are we (again) following the old man around, wondering if he is going to play again in the NFL and once again come out of retirement? Of course we are, we love drama, even if we don’t like Brett Favre. And the news organizations chasing this story of his possible return to the NFL in a purple Minnesota uniform is absolutely crazy. Writers are hunting this story like Ted Nugent hunts small cuddly animals. Anyway, everybody else is talking about it, so why wouldn’t I?

Let’s start off with the conflicting reports that surround everybody’s favorite retiree. Earlier this week, ESPN.com reported that “sources” have found that Vikings head coach Brad Childress has imposed a deadline on Favre to decide whether or not he will be the next Viking quarterback. Then on Tuesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune refuted that ESPN report with comments made by Pat Kirwan, an NFL insider who says he has a personal relationship with Childress, saying Favre’s deadline was “made up” by ESPN.

“First off, let me make sure I’m clear on this to everyone who is listening,” Kirwan told the Star Tribune. “There is no deadline for Brett Favre to come in by Friday. There is zero deadline. The story was made up, it’s not true and trust me on that.”

Whatever. Kirwan sounds like an angered reporter who didn’t make the ESPN cut with that statement. Whether ESPN is right or Kirwan is right, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how long Childress plans to extend his Viking out to the aged quarterback. Frankly, I believe he shouldn’t even be considering Favre, but a man with that stature and history certainly should garner some sort of consideration, even if he is old, hurt and interception prone.

Childress needs to understand that Brett has only two selfish reasons why he wants to be a Viking this season and they are NFL week four and NFL week eight, where the Vikings will take on the Packers. Face it Childress, Brett doesn’t want to play for Minnesota, he wants to play against the Packers. That is it. He has no interest in leading the Vikings to the playoffs or mentoring the young Viking quarterback squad. He is returning for Brett and Brett only. This is what Childress needs to get into his head and get into his head fast.

What Childress should do now is show faith in his team that they can make the playoffs this year without the old fart. After all they have the easiest (or second easiest) schedule in the NFL this season. Minnesota’s first four games are against Cleveland, Detroit, San Francisco, and Green Bay. This is ample time to get the young and moldable Tarvaris Jackson in working order before the tougher games of the season and still win some games. Besides two or three other tough games (Pittsburgh, New York Giants, Carolina), they have a great schedule to be successful without Brett, and if they can be successful without Brett, they are only going to be better the following year once the team has gelled under Jackson. If they pick Brett up, they are only putting off possible growth of the team for another year.

And because Brett wants to return for the wrong reasons, he won’t play well either. He may break out some great football play against Green Bay but in all other games, he won’t be focused, even in playoff games. As I have said in previous columns dedicated to Brett, his nickname should be “Pick-City, USA.” It doesn’t matter what city he plays next, his love of the 500-style toss-up pass will always follow.

I am simply tired of hearing about Brett; he obviously likes the headlines and the controversy he creates. A quarterback with his history and love of the game deserves one coming-out-of-retirement year. That was last year. Brett needs to retire. The Vikings need to move on without Brett and the NFL needs to move on without Brett.

The only place where we should see Brett now is on those feel good Wrangler commercials tossing the pigskin in the backyard with his buddies or maybe even a Just for Men beard commercial.

Childress, please, please save us all, and yourself, from a Favre-filled year of drama and poor play by saying “no” to Brett and his personal vendetta against the Packers – and do it by the end of this week.
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