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Traditionally, the year end is a time for reflection and for recognizing the blessings in our lives. In my reflections, I recognize once again, how blessed we at the Telluride Historical Museum are to have the support of this incredible community. I am struck by the many ways in which this generosity is demonstrated.

The museum has a board of directors, for instance, which not only recognizes the importance of keeping our history alive, but is willing to work hard to do so. We also have an incredible group of volunteers who help us with everything: cleaning, construction, research, greeting our visitors as docents and a host of other activities. Our volunteer staff is a broad cross-section of the community and we couldn’t exist without them.

We have the support of organizations in town including the Telluride Foundation, the Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities, the towns of Telluride and the Mountain Village, the Mountain Village Owners Association, San Miguel County, Region 10 for Economic Development, The Daily Planet, The Telluride Watch, Clark’s Market, and merchants and organizations like Pinhead Institute, Telluride Community Television, Ron Brumley, Plum TV, Ice Design, Camels Garden, Telluride Maps, and ResortQuest who often donate in-kind services as well.

Of course we could not exist without our many members. Membership has steadily increased since the restoration and the installation of the new interpretive exhibits. The list of capital donors who supported the exhibits project is long as well. I cannot forget to thank Assistant Director and Director of Programming and Outreach Sonchia Jilek whose efforts have launched a new era in educational outreach, and without whose help we could not have offered such a full calendar of events this past year. Thank you also to Deb Barr and Roberta Doser our present and past Visitor Services Coordinators.

Finally, we wish to thank the creative and generous way in which Dick DePagter and Telluride Real Estate Brokers continues to bring attention to the museum through the distribution of the Community Calendar celebrating our regional history, and encouraging those who pick up the treasure to pass on their appreciation by supporting the Museum. 

I am so grateful for this generous community’s support of the Telluride Historical Museum, and so grateful for the opportunity to say so. Please visit soon.


– Lauren Bloemsma, Executive Director, Telluride Historical Museum

KOTO and

Ski Patrol Help Ski PE


In this season of generosity, we would like the community to know about the giving spirit of two of Telluride’s most-treasured institutions: KOTO Radio and the Telluride Ski Patrol. Each of these organizations has again given over $1,000 to the Ski PE Scholarship Fund of the Telluride Public Schools. While the District commits considerable funding to assist low-income families with the costs of Ski PE, we could not meet all of the need without the additional contributions from KOTO and Ski Patrol.

The Ski Patrol creates T-shirts each season which they sell solely to raise money for the kids of Telluride. In addition to the donation for Ski PE, they award a scholarship (or several) each June at graduation. This assistance in paying for the first year of college is tremendous. The care and support of the Ski Patrol extends far beyond our students’ well being on the mountain. Ski Patrol promotes the life long success of our kids.

KOTO, which works hard to raise money for their own operation, donates money, time and equipment to our skiers and snowboarders every year. The entire proceeds of the “After the Swap Swap” are given to the Ski PE fund. Further, Janice invites us to bring students to the swap in order to select equipment, gloves, clothing, and whatever else they need. She and other volunteers spend time helping those unfamiliar with the sport figure out what they need to get started. It is wonderful!

We hope that everyone realizes that when they buy a Ski Patrol T-shirt or make a donation to KOTO they are in turn helping the students of the Telluride School District. Heartfelt thanks to KOTO and the Ski Patrol, and happy holidays to all of you.


– Lisa Andrews and Sara Taylor, Ski PE Coordinators

‘We Are Very Fortunate’


 At approximately 9 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 2, the Telluride volunteer EMS and Fire department  was paged  to a motor vehicle accident when a  mid size SUV carrying four adults collided head-on with a semi truck at a high rate of speed on highway 145 near the Ophir turns. I arrived on the scene approximately eight minutes later to find four patients, three with critical injuries.  Bystanders on the scene, who were sharing the highway that morning had already administered essential first aid, covered the patients with blankets and helped stop traffic. Within minutes three local ambulances had arrived. Four paramedics, three of whom were off duty, an off duty Telluride emergency medicine physician, multiple EMTs, fireman and TFPD personal as well as on duty and off duty sheriff’s deputies responded in short order. Accompanying the EMTs in the ambulances when they departed were three out-of-town bystanders who left their personal vehicles and offered their time to interpret for the non English speaking patients. Two med-evac helicopters, one from Durango and one from Grand Junction were in the air and en route to Telluride within twenty minutes. Two patients were air lifted to Grand Junction from the Telluride airport. A third patient was flown to Durango from a landing zone that was set up at the Matterhorn campground. The fourth patient was received by the Telluride Medical Center.   Considering the size of our community and our rural location this level of response is extraordinary. Most of the individuals on-scene were volunteers who spend a great deal of time training and responding to emergency calls throughout the year. The Telluride Medical Center maintains an ED with full time staff of Emergency Medicine physicians, nurses, and technicians whom are available twenty four hours a day. We are very fortunate to live in a community where people care with this level of devotion.  Each time over the years that I have responded to a call like this it has restored and strengthened my faith in the group of people who have made this valley their home. 

– Bill Ellison, EMT B

Good Deeds Take Some of the Sting Out of Rickie Lee Cancellation


I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself, and Mountain Groove Productions, to thank all those that made the cancellation of the Rickie Lee Jones concert, less painful. It’s good to know Telluride still has the heart and spirit that makes it the great place it is. I would really like to thank Telluride Tickets, Pam and Lisa, for all the hard work they did to help us leading up to the event that didn’t happen, and then the follow up afterwards. The Palm Theatre and Joanne Evans have been very supportive, as well as the Telluride Watch. Thank goodness for KOTO, who kept the community informed and most of all, thanks to all of you who purchased tickets, for being so kind in the cancellation of the concert. I only wish Telluride had gotten more of the snow that prevented Rickie Lee from making it! Happy New Year.


– Amy Kimberly

More on the Flag


Thanks, Art Goodtimes, for your comments in last week’s column, “Up Bear Creek,” about the flag’s appearance on the Ski School uniforms. However proper your comments about commercialism and its relationship to some of today’s uses of the flag may be, they were not my reasons for removal of the flag from my uniform. For me to wear the flag in times as these would be a sign of blind allegiance with this country’s present administration, its current direction of hegemony via a brutal foreign policy; and its domestic policy that is shredding the fabric of our democracy.

I would be proud to replace the flag on my uniform if Congress were to do one courageous act. An act, that if they respected the founding fathers, the Constitution and their oath to defend it, should seem to them an obligation and an honor, that is, to bring articles of impeachment against the President and Vice-President. The reasons for impeachment can easily be summarized to a short list: Conspiracy to defraud congress concerning Iraq, Condoning and facilitating torture, and illegal wiretapping of the American public. Each one an impeachable act. But most importantly Congress should enact impeachment proceedings because it is their duty to protect our constitution.

We cannot allow our leaders to act with impunity. They must be held accountable for their acts while in office, and if their misdeeds or crimes warrant it, criminal prosecution after they leave office. No one should be above the law.

If we do not use our Constitution what’s the point of waving a flag that represents it?  Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are what makes America America, not a piece of cloth! I suggest that we forget the symbol for the time being and start remembering the real America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the people that they represent and protect.

Oh and by the way, your freedom of speech? Don’t take it for granted for there are those among us who would take it from you if they could. Maybe it¹s your government that establishes "free speech zones" at political events so protesters can be corralled miles away out of sight and out of mind, or maybe it’s an employer that threatens and intimidates you, or maybe simply a group of your peers. Speak out if you have a mind to, while you still can. Our democracy may well depend on you.

To those who would stifle freedom of speech: I ask you to consider your actions most carefully and hopefully come to understand what great harm they do to us and our republic.


– David Glynn

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