Lost Car Keys? Lockout? Telluride Locksmith Has Your Back.
by Gus Jarvis
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<b>LOST CAR KEYS?</b> – John Weaver, the new owner of Telluride Locksmith, is bringing new services to the region, including the ability to make new keys for most newer model vehicles. (Photo by Brett Schreckengost)
LOST CAR KEYS? – John Weaver, the new owner of Telluride Locksmith, is bringing new services to the region, including the ability to make new keys for most newer model vehicles. (Photo by Brett Schreckengost)
TELLURIDE – Telluride Locksmith has been Telluride’s go-to for residential and commercial lock and key installations and troubleshooting since 1977. Now, under the new ownership of John Weaver, the business provides even more services that could save residents and visitors bundles of money (and headaches) should they need help with automotive keys and lockouts.

“We have extended into automotive locksmithing,” says Weaver, who purchased Telluride Locksmith from longtime owner Tom Taylor last June. “We can now make keys for the newer vehicles that have transponders and remotes. There have been several people I have been able to help in the past few months, where we programmed a new key for the vehicle and they didn’t have to have it towed to a dealership.”

Weaver and his wife Denise moved to Telluride in 1992. The duo owned and operated the Alpine Inn Bed and Breakfast for nearly 10 years but has since moved on to work in other professions in Telluride. Weaver, who is also Taylor’s neighbor, has pitched in at Telluride Locksmith on and off over the years, so when the opportunity came last year to purchase Taylor’s business, he took it.

Since then Weaver has continued to install locks on commercial and residential properties and provide help with lockouts. But also decided to expand Telluride Locksmith’s offerings to help visitors and residents that much more. Last fall he attended a weeklong training in Nashville, Tenn. to learn how to make automotive keys for newer model vehicles that use transponders and remotes. Since that training, Weaver quickly learned the value of the new service to car owners, especially in the remote regions of the Western San Juan Mountains.

“My first customer was this young lady at the library,” Weaver says. “She lost her keys and was almost in tears. She had a Honda and to get a new key, she had to have it towed to Glenwood Springs. Just getting it towed would have cost her well over $1,000.” Weaver was able to make her a new key and program it for her car, saving her a lot of money.

Because it takes a while for the key programming codes to be released, Weaver says he’s currently unable to make keys for the latest car models, but in most cases he’s able to make them for 2010 models and older. Weaver plans to update his training again this July.

And it’s not just lost keys that Telluride Locksmith is now able to provide. Weaver is now able help those who’ve locked their keys in the car without using the conventional, often damaging methods of breaking into a vehicle through windows and doors.

“I have been working with a company that manufactures a lock picking tool for each series of cars and brands,” he says. “I can actually pick a lock on the car using this tool and there is no risk of damage. If anyone locks their keys in the car, they can call me and it shouldn’t be a problem if I have the tool for that model.”

Of course, he says, he will continue serve customers’ home and business lock needs (and he promises to answer the phone when it rings).

“I love tinkering with these gadgets and the complexity of these locks,” Weaver says. “It is a fantastic job; every day brings something new and that is what I enjoy.”

Telluride Locksmith can be reached at 970/728-5625 or at 970/708-5625 (cell). A new website is being created at telluridelocksmith.com and should be operational in the near future.

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