McGinley Denies Harassment Allegation
by Eileen McGinley
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This letter is to defend myself against accusations reported in the Watch, made by Hilary Witzleben Taylor, the consultant hired to do the library survey, and Noah Sheedy, the director of Telluride Ski and Snowboard School.

At the meeting when Hilary was hired, she gave me her resume and claimed she had done fifty surveys, but when I read her resume, I saw the bulk of her experience centered on advertising sales. Nothing indicated she had performed any surveys.

I found a website On this website, under Hilary’s maiden name, was a claim that said, “founder and CEO of Plum TV.” Hilary’s former boss at Plum said the info was not true – Hilary sold advertising for Plum. I posted this info on the comment section of a Daily Planet story and within hours, Hillary’s claim on her website was removed.

I asked Judy Thompson if they had checked Hilary’s claims. No response. Through a public records request, I requested info on the clients for whom Hilary had performed surveys and strategic planning. Brattin sent me Hilary’s email address and told me to get the info from Hilary.

In response to one of my numerous inquiries concerning Hilary’s survey experience, Brattin replied: “The law requires us to share information we collect not to collect information we do not have. Hilary is your source for this question.” I asked if she was admitting she did not check Hilary’s claims and references. No answer.

I never once emailed Hilary, let alone harassed her with emails, as she claimed. I received two emails from Hilary's lawyer, requesting questions about Hilary's work experience be directed to the board. I had directed all my questions to Brattin and ccd Judy Thompson and Brandt Garber. Never once did I email Hilary. Perhaps the only way to establish the truth is for Hilary to produce the emails she alleges I harassed her with.

Brattin eventually replied with three references, one of which was Director of Telluride Ski and Snowboard School. I read this as another claim by Hilary, so I called Noah Sheedy and asked him if Hilary had been the Director of TSSS. I never claimed to be her employer or a library trustee. In fact, I asked Noah if he would speak with a trustee about Hilary’s employment. He agreed.

Immediately following my conversation with Noah, I emailed Brandt Garber the following: “I called Noah Sheety (sic) who is currently the head of the ski school – he was very evasive and would not tell me if she was ever the head of the ski school. You can call him and see if he'll tell you since you're a library trustee. 728-7501.”

Hope this letter provides readers a clearer picture of the truth.

All the best.


– Eileen McGinley

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July 23, 2013
Thanks for recognizing how much time these things take. Yes, being a good citizen takes time. This is time away from my family, from my work, from my writing, from more pleasurable pursuits. I do this because I care about the community, about good governance and about good management. I wish more people cared.
July 22, 2013
Paisleyann! You hit the nail on the head!
July 19, 2013
This letter definitely provides a clearer picture of the truth. You've got a LOT of time on your hands.