Mountain Village Looks to the Future
by Hillary Mescall, 15 Year Plan Task Force Member
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By the year 2025, Mountain Village is a vibrant, healthy community that provides a high quality lifestyle and experience for both residents and visitors. This is achieved through a sustainable year-round economy, a diversity of housing choices, world-class recreation, environmental stewardship, excellent community services, and a superior built environment. Residents enjoy a relaxed, healthy, active lifestyle. A diverse, multicultural year-round population creates a sense of pride and fosters a community ambiance that is enjoyed by visitors and residents. We are appreciative of our surrounding natural environment and proud of our community. Mountain Village is a responsive regional leader that actively works with neighboring communities to share resources, knowledge and achieve common objectives. Mountain Village is a great place to live and work. Our strong and diverse, yet cohesive, community supports families and individuals by providing a stable economy, high quality educational facilities and programs, a broad range of community services, and a participatory town government.

So how can we be this by 2025? Certainly our local economy plays a key role in achieving the aforementioned vision. After receiving an exuberant amount of input from the community regarding the local economy, we crafted the following:

Local Economy Vision Statement (draft)

By the year 2025, Mountain Village has a strong, sustainable year-round economy that supports the needs, values and quality of life of our community and environment. A diverse year-round economy provides quality living wages and more year-round employment opportunities that are consistent with the character of the community. The Village Center is a vibrant commercial and social center that serves the needs of both residents and visitors. A sufficient and sustainable resort bed-base supports a year-round economy while maintaining the high quality of life and qualities of the community that make it both a desirable resort and a desirable place to live. Mountain Village achieves economic prosperity through wise stewardship of our natural resources.

This Vision Statement is our end desire. With respect to achieving this, the Task Force has evaluated the town’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) as they relate to the local economy to ensure the Vision set forth is attainable. The specific SWOT we chose to focus on represent a compilation of community comments. Our strengths – attributes that are helpful in achieving what is stated in the Local Economy Vision Statement – include the gondola system and the fact that Mountain Village is situated at the base of a top ski resort. On the other hand, we know we are a seasonal community where commercial rent is too high and that there’s not much to do in Mountain Village once the sun sets. All of these weaknesses are harmful to achieving our vision. It will be our job over the next 15 years to overcome these weaknesses while taking our strengths and expounding on them.

As far as opportunities and threats – the external issues the town cannot control –

the community identified other resort communities as threats while limited sprawl due to the our physical constraints was categorized as an opportunity.

To learn more about the various SWOT and to help make our Umbrella Vision and Local Economy Vision a reality by the year 2025, we encourage you to participate in the 15 Year Planning process – attend meetings, visit our Web site,, but most importantly, participate in this process as the 15 Year Plan is the community’s plan. Questions and comments may be directed to Community Development Director Sally Vecchio; she can be reached at

Author’s Note: This is part one of a five part series which outlines Mountain Village’s 15 Year Plan Vision Statements. After reviewing data received from the community throughout the visioning process, the 15 Year Plan Task Force crafted 10 separate, but interrelated, vision statements. At their June 9 meeting, Town Council will review the draft Vision Statements.
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