New Broncos Task Force Needed to Improved Defense
by Gus Jarvis
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As week nine in the NFL season approaches, one thing has become very apparent after last weekend’s loss to the Saints: The San Diego Chargers are bad, really bad. Remember going into this season, the Chargers were touted by every talking head that they would be the best in the AFC, possibly in the NFL.

Then they suffered two losses in their first two games. Both losses were close and both were simply shaken off by the Chargers and those who said bad calls and flooky plays played a role. They continued to be touted as one of the best teams in the NFL. Well, here they are going into week nine with a record of 3-5. It’s time to face facts in San Diego: The Chargers have a problem winning games.

They are a good team behind LaDainian Tomlinson and his ailing big toe, but they can’t win. This is great, absolutely great news for the flailing Denver Broncos, who, despite a serious lack of defense, remain at the top of the AFC West because of San Diego’s poor play.

Speaking of the Broncos, they are coming off a bye week after a most wretched and terrible 41-7 loss to the Patriots in a Monday nightmare. Yes, that bye week couldn’t have come at a better time. This week, the Broncs are to take on the fish of Miami and their Wildcat Offense that has everybody in the league talking. I have, in past columns, pointed out what the Broncos’ main problem is, and yes, it is still the lack of defense that is ailing this yet-to-blossom team. If the Broncos are to make it into the postseason and not lose their ass, a solution to their problems needs to be found.

I, being an observant person, have found a way, a process, to achieve more Bronco victories: the formation of The Broncos Defense Improvement Task Force.

Lately a task force seems to be the solution to every problem, little or big. I mean, how could so many who have initiated the seemingly thousands of task forces be wrong? And why leave it up to the high-paid Broncos coaches to make all the decisions? Hell, the coaches will think this is a great idea. When team owner Pat Bowlen wants answers to why the defense is terrible, Mike Shanahan can just pass the buck by saying, “Results are pending the outcome of a task force investigation.” Everybody’s job at the organization will be safe when a task force is looking for answers. No hard decisions will ever have to be made again with a task force. It will be a win-win situation.

Here is how The Broncos Defense Improvement Task Force will work. First, we will need to find up to 10 volunteers who don’t have anything good or productive to do on a Friday night. They will be a gang of boisterous and concerned citizens who are just tired of poor defensive play by the Broncos and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in getting to the heart of the problem. They really care.

At the first Friday meeting, The Broncos Defense Improvement Task Force (let’s make it an acronym – TBDITF, now it is a real task force to be taken seriously) will divide up responsibilities for each member. Two members need to be dedicated to the secondary, two members will constantly be watching the D-line, two members will focus on the linebackers, and four will watch the formation calling of Broncos Defensive Coordinator Bob Slowik – just to make sure the money he is getting paid is garnering positive results.

After TBDITF members have been assigned their individual tasks, the next task force meeting will strictly look at the pass rush/pass coverage and make recommendations. The following week will be dedicated to the run. On the next Friday night, just to make sure the task force leaves no stone unturned, TBDITF will watch hours upon hours of game film to pinpoint the defensive problems of Denver.

Finally, TBDITF will meet once again to formally draw some conclusions and prepare recommendations, which it will make to Head Coach Mike Shanahan and the rest of Denver’s football operations. After hearing from Shanahan and crew, TBDITF will meet once again to prepare a final version of recommendations for the team.

After such an intense process, the Denver Broncos are sure to improve… wait, shit, the season is already over. Oh well, I guess it’s time to start up The Broncos Defense Improvement Task Force Task Force. At some point, believe me, we will get results.
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