No new energy codes, please
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Our Telluride planning department is currently trying to push through legal changes to Town Land Use Code by means of new Energy Codes. While the intent of this code is admirable, the way they want to do it is wrong and overly complicated. Right now is not the time to make it more onerous to build in the Town of Telluride. The town should be encouraging work here rather than taxing it even more. Article 9 Energy Codes will make it substantially more expensive to build here. I feel we have already reached the limits of cost per square foot, and this Article will drive it up another 5-10 percent.

The amount of paperwork and documentation required to comply will be excessive. Article 9 requires the hiring of several more engineers and "experts” to fill out paperwork and charge exorbitant fees. It will require the hiring of more town staff to handle the ever-increasing flood of reports and verifications. I believe our town government is bloated enough. Perhaps they should consider a diet!

I would venture a guess that more than 50 percent of our residents are involved in some way, shape or form in the development of this community. The majority of us were committed to “Green Building” before it became a fashionable term. I always have, and will continue to, recycle reuse and reclaim. My employees have called me Fred Sanford for years. I think most of us are always looking for new and more energy efficient ways to build the homes our clients want. We always strive to improve products and reduce our waste. We don’t need to be forced into this because “Aspen does this.” I thought we were trying not to be like Aspen! The town should be rewarding good ecological choices instead of threatening fines and penalties. Their motto seems to be, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

Wake up, everyone. We need to stand up and tell whoever is behind this that we don’t want it! Please, please, please go to Town Hall, get Article 9, and read it thoroughly. It’s 15 pages long. Then, show up at the P+ Z meeting on Dec. 10 at 7:30 p.m. and tell them what you think. It’s your last chance.

Kevin Croke
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