Ouray Republican Party Chairman Cries Foul
by Dave Hamilton, Ouray GOP Chair
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Colorado Senator Michael Bennet recently visited Ouray. He was appointed earlier this spring to fill Senator Salazar’s seat after his appointment to the President’s Cabinet. He has not previously made any public appearance near Ouray County.

I heard about his visit ahead of time and called his office to request an opportunity for the public to chat with him while he was here about current proposals in the Senate. According to his office in Grand Junction it was a campaign/fundraising meeting, “separate from senate business.” When I asked for public time with the Senator, his staff assured me that they would try to arrange it and call me back – which they never did. According to the Ouray Watch, it was a “town-hall style” meeting – yet it was held in a private home for an invited few only. Senator Bennet was simply not interested in the questions and concerns many of us have about the health care proposal and other current issues before Congress.

Since we were denied the chance to speak with Senator Bennet in person, I must attempt to get his attention here. My questions: Senator Bennett, have you read this bill (some 1,000 pages)? Certainly, there are different versions going through different committees, but the benchmark is HR3200, the bill the President wanted to sign before anyone learned what was in it, just like the stimulus bill. What’s the hurry if the bill doesn’t go into effect until 2013? What is it you are trying to hide? The more we learn, the more we do not like it, and don’t want anything to do with it!

Since you say this health care plan is such a winner, why are the Senate, House, Executive Office, and other elites in Washington exempt from it?

Let’s sign up members of Congress first and see how it works. Go ahead, you go first.

Information presented by Senator Bennet and the administration is very different from what is actually written in the bills. Bennet says the proposed plan is the fiscally responsible thing to do and will pay for itself. Even after taking a huge chunk of money out of Medicare (with more baby boomers enrolling every day) the Congressional Budget Office reports a deficit of over one trillion dollars over ten years for this health care proposal. Some claim the deficit to be three times that amount. This is similar to the prescription drug plan passed by the last administration – three times what the “experts” in Washington said it would cost. In case you missed it while you were on the road “meeting with the people,” Mr. Bennet, our 10-year budget deficit was revised up two trillion dollars to nine trillion dollars. Mr. Bennet should go back to school and take math again. You are bankrupting our country.

Choice in plans is another conflicted statement. HR3200 contains a dozen triggers that will force you into the government plan, not by your choice, but by law. They advertise choice, but it comes down to the fact that this plan is designed to bury private business and the government will be the one and only provider. When have Americans ever been ordered by their government what to buy and what to pay for it?

Why should we pay for health insurance for illegal immigrants? Amendments were offered to assure only American citizens would receive this great benefit, but were killed in committee on a party line vote. They say one thing in public and do another behind closed doors when they write the laws.

Some were upset about the government eavesdropping on cell calls after 9/11.

What would you say about the government having electronic access to your bank account? How about the government having and keeping all your medical records? Where are those privacy advocates now? Why aren’t they howling about the danger of government invading our private lives? The silence is deafening.

And many of us wonder just who wrote this entire 1,000-page bill in the first few months of a new administration. Has it been sitting on someone’s shelf? Who is really behind this? Where are the questions? Where is the media asking those questions? And why aren’t the answers, or in many cases, non-answers, being questioned? This has too big an effect on our country to foul up.

The deception by this administration goes on and on, not only in this bill, but others, including Cap & Trade Bill and the Stimulus Bill. Painting a rosy utopian picture, they actually work to deliver government control of industry after industry. If that’s what you want, you have plenty of choices in failing socialist countries overseas. Move to one of them, please.

Real reform is being ignored. The appointed Senator cited rising costs.

Those costs can be addressed by allowing interstate competition within the private health insurance business. This would open up more competition between companies, thus lowering rates. To be sure, insurance companies must reform. They need to do the right thing the right way, addressing pre-existing conditions, portability, and plans that meet our needs and budgets.

Tort reform seems to missing from any mention of reform. Is that because so many of those in Washington are lawyers? Malpractice lawsuits drive up costs more than any other factor, both for medical services and necessary drugs. Where is the cry for tort reform run by the government, so everyone can afford a lawyer? Shouldn’t that be our right, too?

Finally, our Senator of six months publicly charges us to stay engaged and attend town hall meetings, yet refuses to meet with the citizens of Ouray County. He, along with our Representative John Salazar, hide from the people they represent and refuse to take our questions. What are you afraid of? If you have all the answers, why attend an invitation-only house party?

Come out and face the people.

If this is how Senator Michael Bennet conducts himself, he did not deserve to be appointed by Governor Ritter, and certainly does not deserve to be elected on his own.
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Ouray local
September 11, 2009
Dave Hamilton is chair of the county republican party? Seriously? No wonder it's become the voice in the wilderness - the sound of one hand clapping.

If this marginalized group hopes to make a comeback on the political scene it needs a moderate reasonable leadership - not an extreme wingnut at the helm.
September 04, 2009

I will happily sign up for govn't run healthcare right now! Yes. I will do it. I am not afraid.

Here's the problem as I see it. I already have over $150 taken out of my paycheck every two weeks to cover my health insurance. Yes, that is a lot and a big portion of my check. Now I don't get dental, I don't get optical right now. But when I do get sick, I get a big fat whopping co-pay bill in the mail and a detectable. So in fact, I am paying for a whole lot of nothing only to get more bills in the mail. Let me tell you, my choices in healthcare are sweet right now. Pay Pay Pay.

Let's say I decided that I would rather give my 150 to the government so they can offer healthcare to me and everyone else that needs it. It isn't going to hurt me anymore. The only one it is going to hurt is the insurance companies that are stuffing thier pockets with my money every week anyway.

You Republicans are all alike. Thick-headed. Dumb. Irresponsible. And frankly, liars about solutions.

Mr. Hamilton, I would appreciate a solution from your party on the healthcare issue. Is everything really just hunky dory with healthcare right now? In your eyes it is probaly just fine - Just like President Bush's deficit is really Obama's fault.

I understand discourse and disagreement. But until your party comes up with some alternative SOLUTIONS I can't listen to you. You all suck.

I hope you never get to sleep a wink at night because of your selection of political party.
September 03, 2009
check your facts, jackass. bennet was here in february addressing the public.