Padgett Will Protect Land Use Code
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In a curious development in this campaign, Bob Wolford, candidate for county commissioner, seems to want to distance himself from supporting the XPUD, an amendment in 2006 to the land use code that would have gutted both the code and the planning commission, as well as doubling the density for development in the county. This proposal was supported by then Republican Party Chair Ralph Walchle and the members of the Republican Central Committee.

Why would I think that Bob Wolford supported the same proposal?

First, Judy Wolford, his wife, berated me at length on the evening of the aborted XPUD hearing for sending out a mailing questioning the merits of the XPUD and encouraging people to attend the public hearing. Mrs. Wolford used the first person plural “we” in opposing any objection to the XPUD. I think anyone would have assumed she was referring to herself and her husband.

Second, one prominent Republican confirmed to me that Bob Wolford supported the XPUD.

Third, the Republican Central Committee members which were supporting the XPUD (and the wing of the party they represent) are backing Wolford’s candidacy now. I think even many registered Republicans are nervous about that.

If Bob Wolford wants to say now that he did not support the XPUD, that’s fine, and I think most people in Ouray County would welcome him distancing himself from a bad proposal.

But the key point here is that Wolford has either been on the wrong side of, or been silent on, important issues that affect the future and character of this county (witness his silence this summer on the assault on Sec. 6.13 of the land use code that would have taken away the control of property owners in their own subdivisions).

Lynn Padgett has been just the opposite. For years, she has demonstrated a vocal leadership position on protecting the land use code and other issues that count heavily for our county.

That is an important distinction between these two candidates.

John Hollrah, Chair of the Ouray County Democratic Party
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